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Video Transcription And Subtitles

Video Transcription

If you want to have your videos transcribed, there is a range of styles and formats that you can have choose from depending on your particular requirements. With this in mind, we thought we’d outline some of the forms of video transcription available and why you might choose to use them.

Video Transcription And Subtitling
Video Transcription And Subtitling

Standard Video Transcription

Standard video transcription is great if you need the dialogue contained within the video and nothing else. Depending on your reason for wanting your videos transcribed you can decide to have your video transcribed in either verbatim (every utterance), intelligent verbatim (fillers, repetitions and false starts excluded) or edited transcription (grammatical mistakes rectified and irrelevant dialogue excluded). Standard video transcription can also be used on websites to accompany videos (which is great for SEO and those who prefer to read, rather than listen to audio) or as a starting point for writing blogs or articles to go with your video.

Time coded Video Transcription

Time coded video transcripts are useful if you want to have reference points that allow you to easily jump to and find certain portions of dialogue. This is particularly useful if you are involved in video editing. Time coded transcription can also be combined with visual descriptions, which can be great if you want to cut your videos depending on visual cues, rather than verbal ones.

Video Transcription and Subtitling

Subtitle files can be transcribed and converted into either closed or open captions. These are extremely useful for viewers of your videos who are hard of hearing, as well as being an excellent way of supercharging your video rankings in the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Video Transcription and Subtitling in a Foreign Language

Foreign language subtitles are great for expanding your audience no matter what language they speak. Again, this can be in the form of either closed or open captioning. If you use video hosting services such as YouTube, you are given the option to upload several subtitle files for one video, meaning that viewers from any part of the world can understand the content of your video, no matter what language they speak!
If you are interested in knowing more about our video transcription or subtitling services, why not get in touch today? We are able to transcribe your videos in a number of different styles and formats, including popular online subtitling files such as .srt and .ssa files. Our prices are low and our turnaround times are fast, so get in touch with us today for a no obligation quote on all your video transcription needs.

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