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Transcription Services – What Makes A Great Typist?

Here at Transcription City, we take pride in providing fast, accurate and high quality transcription services for all our clients. We only use experienced transcriptionists with the skills, knowledge and expertise needed to produce professional quality transcripts. Always within the deadline you require.

Typing Services and Transcription Services
We provide expert transcription services.

A good transcriptionist is not simply a fast typist. In fact a super fast typing speed although useful is certainly not the most important aspect of being part of the Transcription City typing team. Want to know what is required? Then read on!

Accurate and do their Research

A Transcription City typist must possess good research skills. They must be willing to take the time to ensure that the information within the transcripts they produce is correct and accurate. Company names, brand names, places, technical terms and speakers names, etc. should all be spelt correctly. Typists should also specialize in the subject matter they are transcribing from to ensure that the have a good grasp of what is being dictated or discussed and can therefore produce transcripts in a timely manner and spot any potential errors.

Good Listening Skills

Good listening skills and a good grasp of the subject matter being discussed within the source material is an essential part of being a Transcription City typist. This will ensure that all completed transcripts are a true reflection of the original sound or video file and contain information that is correct, accurate and coherent, without losing the tone of the original material.

Grammar and Spelling

A simple comma or spelling error can change the whole meaning of a sentence. As an example, “He clawed frantically with his bear hands” versus, “He clawed frantically with his bare hands”. Whilst the outcome of spelling or grammatical errors can at times be somewhat amusing; this is something that we definitely want to avoid in a professional transcription service. A Transcription City typist must have a good understanding of the rules of grammar and double check that transcripts are thoroughly spell checked.

Reliable and Dedicated

Low quality sound and video files can be a challenge; accents can make dialogue tricky to understand and multiple speaker audio files can be difficult when it comes to identifying individual speakers. A Transcription City typist is able to take on difficult audio and video files, transcribe them with care and see them through to the end.

Discrete and Highly Confidential

All Transcription City typists must sign a confidentiality agreement and treat all information transcribed with the utmost discretion.

Transcript Accuracy

One of the most important aspects of being a good transcriptionist is the ability to produce accurate transcripts. This means having a keen ear to pick up quiet or difficult audio, proofreading your work thoroughly and having the skill to research technical terms. These traits, combined with a willingness to ask if you’re not sure of something and slavishly following in-house transcription guidelines all makes for a great transcriptionist. We find Google is a great resource for transcription research!

Meeting Tight Transcription Deadlines

Another very important aspect of transcription is being reliable, consistent and able to meet deadlines – whether a deadline is 4 hours or 4 weeks, clients rely on their transcription service to deliver work on time, every time. So if you want to be a great transcriptionist, you must always adhere to deadlines.

Transcribing Difficult Files

Unfortunately, not all audio and video files are easy to hear. A great online typist will be willing to transcribe both difficult audio and clear audio. This includes multiple speaker files, audio with non-native speaker accents and low quality audio files. A great transcriptionist will take on difficult files when required and see them through to the end.

Transcription Speed

Typing speed is not the most important aspect of being a great transcriptionist. However, having a fast typing speed means that fast turnaround files can be completed well within their deadline. It also means that the more work can be completed in a shorter space of time.

Transcription and Learning from Proofreader Comments

No one is perfect, not even Captain America (though seriously he comes pretty close). Learning from mistakes and taking on board constructive criticism from the proofreader is a crucial part of the learning process. A great transcriptionist will take on feedback and continue to hone their skills throughout their career.

Transcription services and transcription jobs
A great transcriptionist always meets deadlines!

Transcription Jobs

If you are interested in our transcription services or are an experienced transcriptionist and would be interested in working with us, why not get in touch today? We look forward to connecting with you!

Transcription City only uses transcriptionists and online secretaries with many years experience, skill and training. We pride ourselves on accuracy, competency and the ability to meet your deadlines. Each week we receive many applications, but sadly not everyone makes the grade. So if you are interested in working as an online typist, we suggest you contact us, take a test and become a great transcriptionist!

Transcription Services

If you would like to know more about what makes a great typist or would like additional information about our transcription services, why not get in touch? We have dedicated teams of typists. who are experienced in your industry or sector and are available seven days a week to help you. Our team look forward to connecting with you.
We are also on the lookout for experienced typists, so if you are interested in working with us, please get in touch!

We are an expert transcription company! Contact us for transcription services, translation services, interpreting services and note taking services.

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