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Transcription Services and Best File Types for Transcription

When using transcription services for the first time, it can be difficult to know what you need and how to best record your audio or video files for transcription. So we thought we’d come up with a basic guide on the advantages and disadvantages of different file types when it comes to transcription.

Video Transcription
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Best File Size for Transcription

Generally speaking, it is best to make your recording as small as possible, but without compromising the audio quality. Small audio and video files offer a number of advantages, such as faster upload times, faster download times and less need for conversion when it comes to playing audio or video files on transcription software. It is also worth noting that large files will take up more storage space and may slow down your computer.

Best File Type for Transcription

The best file type to send your transcription company, is one that is widely compatible and relatively small. Using file extensions such as .mp3, .mp4, .mov or .m4a are universally compatible with most computers and are also able to contain high quality audio recordings, without taking up large amounts of space.

Audio or Video Transcription?

Video and audio recordings both have their advantages and disadvantages, so when deciding whether to record an audio file or video for transcription, it’s important to think about the transcript style that you require. For instance, multiple speaker recordings (such as focus groups, seminars, group interviews and conferences) will definitely produce superior transcripts if they are typed from a video source, as speakers can be more easily identified with sight and sound, than from listening to audio only. On the other hand, clients who require fast turnarounds, will find that videos may slow down the transcription process, as they are generally larger, therefore taking additional time to upload to your chosen transcription company and for your transcription company to download; meaning several minutes can be wasted, waiting for files to come through.
It is always wise to consider the type of file you wish to send when using a transcription services company, in order to get the best transcription service possible. We also have offices in both London and Kent, so are happy receive video or audio for transcription via hard drive or other forms of hard copy where needed.

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