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Transcription Services for Journalists and the Press

Transcription Services for Journalistic Interviews

Here at Transcription City, we love to transcribe journalistic interviews for Television, Radio, Magazines, online media and Newspapers. We receive these types of interviews for transcription on a daily basis and are always around and ready to help, even with audio or video files that have very tight deadlines for submission to the national or international press. At Transcription City, we think it is of the upmost importance that we make using our transcription services as easy to use and as efficient as possible and we do this by ensuring that we stick to the following procedures.

Quick Response Transcription

We know that a large proportion of journalistic interviews are time sensitive and this requires a quick response time. We will aim to respond to your enquiry as soon as possible and will allocate your interviews to an available transcriptionist, quickly and with minimum hassle. Simply let us know your required deadline and we will do the rest.

Fast Turnarounds on your Transcripts

If you have a press deadline, then chances are you need a fast turnaround on your interview transcripts. Here at Transcription City, we have a team of fast, accurate and efficient typists who are able to transcribe your interviews in as little as four hours (often in less than four hours). We appreciate that often interviews will have to be transcribed with very little notice and we can often accommodate this. However, if you require a very fast turnaround and have multiple interviews, it is always recommended that you let us know with as much notice as possible. Having prior notice of an interview allows us to allocate the work in advance and if necessary split the files between multiple typists to ensure a light speed turnaround and meaning that you are first to break the story!

Confidential Transcription Services

We know the importance of confidentiality when it comes to journalistic interviews; we often work on undercover news stories, which contain sensitive information and the upmost discretion. Here at Transcription City, your interviews are always treated with the highest levels of confidentiality (we are registered with the Data Protection Act). All typists sign confidentiality agreements before taking any work from us, and all files are handled via secure upload and storage facilities. We are also happy to send you a signed confidentiality agreement or sign a NDA if you have one of your own. We also delete your files 48 hours after sending the completed transcripts.

Accurate Research for your Transcripts

One of the key ingredients to a great transcript is its accuracy and this means doing proper research when needed. We strive to research even the most urgent transcripts to ensure that the information is correct and consistent throughout. It is extremely important that any quotes are true to the actual dialogue in the interview and that all names and terms are spelt correctly. An inaccurate transcript can cause both embarrassment and resentment (just think of the uproar realtime subtitles created from voice recognition caused because of its inaccuracies!). Although we are always meticulous about doing all of the necessary research, it does help emensely if you are able to provide us with a list of names, places, terms or companies mentioned in advance, as this speeds up the turnaround of your transcript.

Our Transcriptionists

We have a dedicated team of urgent press transcriptionists for journalistic interviews. Jemima, who often transcribes our urgent press interviews recently gave her view of transcribing press interviews first hand; “The reason I enjoy transcribing journalistic interviews so much is that it’s never boring. Transcription City is a great transcription company to work for and over the past few months alone, I’ve transcribed many different interviews, from the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to celebrities such as Leonardo Dicaprio and sports stars like David Beckham. I take my job very seriously, always do my research and am acutely aware of client confidentiality, especially with undercover reports. Each day brings excitement and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Tips for Sending Journalistic Interviews for Transcription

If you aren’t familiar with sending files for transcription, here are our top tips for sending press interviews for report creation.

Interview File Upload

We recommend compressing any files you send us for transcription. Small files are quicker to send and reduce upload and download times, which can impact on how quickly we can turnaround your files. No matter how tempting it is to email your files as an attachment, please don’t! Email attachments can be partially destroyed in transit and slow down our servers, this actually slows down the transcription process. For best results and the quickest turnaround, please either upload your files via our website, send via Dropbox or provide us with a link to download.

Transcript Turnaround Times

It is important to let us know your required turnaround time and any strict deadlines you have when submitting an interview for transcription. Knowing your deadline helps us to arrange our workload and enables us to split files accordingly if necarsary, meaning your files are on time or ahead of time, every time.

Useful Information for The Transcriptionist

Although we always research any terms, names, places and companies to provide an accurate transcription of what was discussed, this takes time. Providing us with relevant information beforehand allows us to concentrate on getting your interview typed up as quickly as possible without having to stop to do additional research.

Transcription Templates

We have a range of transcript templates. However, if you intend on posting your transcripts straight to a website or online newspaper, we can transcribe your files using your own template or design a template that best suits your needs. Simply let us know what works best for you and we will do the rest. So there you have it, all the information you need on our journalistic and press release transcription services. If you would like us to send you a free, no obligation quote for an interview or series of interviews you would like to have transcribed, why not get in touch? We are happy to listen to your needs and come up with a plan that works for you and your needs. We look forward to connecting with you!

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