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Journalistic Transcription Services and Translation Services for Journalists

Here at Transcription City, we provide journalistic transcription services and translation services for Journalists. Transcription City, has a strong reputation for producing highly accurate transcriptions and for meeting strict turnaround deadlines. That is why we are regularly approached by journalists; from high-end publications and radio shows, to lesser known local media companies. Our clients know they can rely on us to provide quality work at competitive rates.

Journalistic Transcription Services Transcription services, journalistic transcription services

Journalists use our Transcription Services to turn their recorded audio or video interviews into typed form, and these are from a variety of genres. Interviews are carried out for newspapers, magazines and the internet and cover a broad range:
Transcription Services for the News
Transcription Services for the Media
Transcription Services for Culture News
Transcription Services for Sport
Transcription services for Business
Transcription Services for the Education Sector
Having carried out research prior to interview, journalists attend with a set of questions with which to open up discussion. Recording the interview enables journalists to engage fully in conversation rather than making copious notes. Once the interview is over, our clients generally require that we can work to a fast turnaround time; often the intention is to publish the content of the interviews as soon as possible. Getting up-to-date, relevant information of interest to print quickly means publications will sell in high volumes.
As well as meeting tight deadlines and strict turnaround journalistic transcription services, here at Transcription City we understand that it is vitally important to produce work to the highest possible level of accuracy. Anything sub-standard reflects poorly on the journalists so we ensure we use the very best typists available. Our typists each have at least 5 years’ experience in their chosen field and, once assigned audio or video files of an urgent nature, they deliver our promise of a quality delivery, each and every time. Our typists are able to take on any task and will spend time researching any unfamiliar terms to ensure mistakes are avoided, leaving journalists with little to do when they receive their transcripts.
On particularly lengthy interview recordings, we recommend using Timecoding Services. This makes it easier to pinpoint important quotations within transcripts for ease of reference. Where online blogs and articles are to be produced, we offer Edited Transcription Services. To help make transcriptions easier to understand, our typists will proof-read and correct any errors in grammar, syntax or punctuation.
For further information on Transcription for Journalists, or any other services such as journalistic transcription services, typing services, translation services, captioning services and subtitling services please get in touch today. We work with numerous file formats, and provide different transcription styles and layouts. We are available seven days a week and look forward to hearing from you soon!
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