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November 13, 2012 Samantha

Interview Transcription Services for Journalists

If you are involved in any kind of media platform such as radio, television or print, chances are that you are often pushed for time and under enormous pressure to get things done – yesterday!  Journalistic interview transcriptiondemands both a high level of accuracy and confidentiality along with extremely fast turnaround times. Here at Transcription City, we are able to offer our journalist interview transcription services for Television, Radio, Podcasts, Video, News Shows, Online Media and Newspapers.

Interview Transcription Services For Journalists

Having an accurate interview transcript means that you won’t miss any important quotes or comments. Using a typing service eliminates the need to for you to make notes while conducting your interview, which allows you to really concentrate on interacting with and getting answers from your respondent.  This means you can think about what you should be asking next instead of trying to remember what has just been said!

Having transcripts of your interviews also allows you to publish full interviews online or transcripts to your radio shows or podcasts.  This provides a number of additional benefits which may include enhanced SEO results, accessibility for those who are deaf or hard of hearing and ease of sharing through online platforms such as email, Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.

We also provide a service for conference transcription which can include meetings and press conferences. A transcription service can be invaluable here as unlike during a one-to-one interview, as a journalist, you will likely not have any chance to stop discussion to write notes, so without having an audio recording of the event transcribed, you may miss some important key points.




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