Transcription Services and Research

January 3, 2015 Samantha

In order to provide great transcription services, you need much more than fast typists. Although typing speed is certainly a useful skill for a transcriptionist to have, there are many other aspects that we look at when recruiting a Transcription City typist. With this in mind, we thought we’d go over some of the most important traits and skill sets an expert transcriptionist has and why they are an essential part of the transcription process, starting with research.

Transcription Services and research

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Transcription Services and Expert Knowledge

We hand select typists for each new transcription project depending on the subject matter and content of the audio or video files we have received. For instance, if we have received a medical seminar or medical video conference, we would select a medical typist with relevant experience transcribing the subjects discussed. Alternatively, if we were sent a more legal recording (such as a PACE interview, fraud interview or court case) we would then select a typist with legal experience to transcribe them. The reason we do this, is to ensure that your transcripts are as accurate as possible and that your typist is easily able to transcribe any abbreviations, technical terms, drug names, company names or phrases that the layman may not understand. Not only does this make for a superior final transcript, but also helps speed up turnaround times. Clients that work with us on a regular basis, will find this of particular benefit, as you will be allocated your own typist, who can work with any existing templates, know your schedule, establish the way you like to work and build a good working relationship with you and your company.

Transcription Services and Research

Even with years of experience, industries change, state of the art products emerge and new techniques are discovered. For this reason, it is essential that our typists keep up to date with developments in their area of expertise and are also willing to take the time to research any new or unfamiliar terms when undertaking transcription services. A good knowledge base is a great foundation to providing a superior transcription service, but this need to be built upon, cultivated and regularly added to, to ensure the highest levels of accuracy for your transcripts.

Transcription Services and Additional Information

In addition to great research skills and years of experience, it is also important for typist to ask for help when needed (for example, some very new products, skill in development or in early testing stage). In this instance, it is always prudent for our clients to provide as much relevant information as possible for out typists (such as speakers names, product names, drug names, company names, places mentioned, useful websites for research, etc.) not only does this make life easier for the typists, but also increases accuracy and turnaround times.

So there you have it, one of the most important aspects of providing professional transcription services is research and experience! If you would like more information about our transcription services, translation services, captioning services, subtitling services or virtual assistance, why not get in touch? We are available via email, instant message and telephone and are always happy to help.



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