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Proofreading Services – What to look for in a Proofreader.

As well as offering professional transcription services here at Transcription City, we also offer a wide range of virtual assistant services, one of which is proofreading. The job of a proof reader can be an extremely varied and interesting one (not to mention extremely hard work!). Contrary to what you may think, proofreading is not just about reading through someone’s manuscript, dissertation or correspondence and picking out the spelling errors. Not only does a proof-reader need to have the skill, training and experience to cope with a range of formats (such as documents, websites, subtitles, brochures, transcripts and presentations – to name a few) but also the ability to research a variety of subjects, have a keen eye for errors and be able to work to strict deadlines when required.
When selecting a proof reader it is extremely important to ensure that they have the proper training and experience that you require. It is also important to discuss with your chosen proofreading service what your exact requirements are, what type of amendments they offer and how fast they can turnaround your work.
It is also important not to confuse proofreading services with editing services.
Editing services are generally required to ensure that punctuation, grammar and syntax are all correct as well as suggesting possible improvements in areas such as wording and layout. They will also check any facts and do any necessary research.
A proof reader on the other hand will check for spelling and grammatical errors as well errors in formatting. Many proof readers will also point out any obvious errors in sentence or paragraph structure, so that the client is able to correct them.
If you would like to know more about our proofreading, editing or transcription services, why not get in touch? We are available seven days per week and are always happy to help.

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