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Proofreading Services and Speech Recognition Software

Proofreading Services for Speech Recognition

With the digital age upon us, technology is making our lives easier and easier when it comes to the workplace; emails have reduced the need to post letters, digital video and audio files are getting smaller and easier to send and share and pretty much everything is automated and instant.
One piece of software that has really started to take off in recent years is speech recognition. This software can ‘listen’ to your voice, then transcribe what you have said and is probably one of the most widely used applications for devices such as the iPhone (Siri) and although there are others such as Google Voice.
Whilst these are useful tools for short queries such as “Nearest Chip Shop” (yes I was hungry while writing this), they are less effective when it comes to transcribing long dictations and are not suitable for transcribing more than one speaker, even when using more powerful software such Dragon Dictate.
For this reason, it is essential that you always get your work thoroughly proofread when relying speech recognition for your dictations to avoid (at best) embarrassing mistakes and (at worse) potentially life threatening errors, as can be the case with medical transcription.
However, proofreading a transcript produced from speech recognition requires a keen eye and good concentration levels, as the types of mistakes it can make would be unlikely to be made by a human. This is because until there is such a thing as true artificial intelligence, speech recognition is unable to understand the context of what is being said. For instance; a couple of the common mistakes that I often see are “Mrs” instead of “misses”, “a queue” instead of “acute” and “towels” instead of “toes”. Whilst there are never spelling errors from speech recognition software, words are often taken out of context or misheard, which can mean that you transcript doesn’t make a whole lot of sense without being proofread.
For this reason, we offer professional proofreading services for clients using speech recognition for their dictations, offering not only correction of errors, but also speech recognition ‘training’ to ensure that your software improves every time you use it.
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