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Note Taking Services in London

Here at Transcription City we provide professional note taking and minute taking services with our team of experienced secretaries and professional note-takers. Whatever sector or industry you are in, we can match you with the perfect notetaker to provide either verbatim notes or professional minutes for your onsite meetings or online meetings.

Note Taking Services in London

If you have meetings or events in London that need transcription, live captioning, notes or minutes we can help. Transcription City provide onsite note taking and minute taking services in London that can include full verbatim minutes for meetings, full transcription, comprehensive summary notes and concise summary notes. We are available to attend and minute meetings across London both during and out of office hours. We will also provide recordings of your meetings if required.

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Let us take the stress away from corporate meetings

Minuting Services on Site Across the UK

Our professional onsite minute taking services cover the whole of the UK so if you need someone to attend your meeting in person in order to take either verbatim notes or detailed summary minutes, we can visit you onsite. We recommend a site visit before your first meeting in order to introduce you to our secretary and ask any questions you may have about our experience, workflow management or any concerns you may have. We can also discuss a suitable set up for the meeting on the day and anything else in terms of the layout of the meeting room and any specific needs or requirements you may have.

Professional Minute Taking Services

Our professional note takers and minute takers are fully trained and experienced secretaries. No matter what sector or industry you are in, we will match you with a minute taker who has the right experience and knowledge of your industry.

We aim to meet your needs and can either work with your existing templates, or design a bespoke template for your minutes. We will familiarise ourselves with your workflow structure to ensure that our note taking services are seamless and so study your previous minutes, full agendas, as well as any additional information you have to ensure that all notes are of the highest accuracy.

Minute Taking for Zoom and Teams Meetings

To augment our on site note taking services, we also provide administration, chair, moderation, note taking, transcription services and closed captions for online meetings and events. We offer all of the same advantages of minute taking services on site, but implement this online.

Professional Note Taking Services

Whether you require regular minute taking services or last minute one-off verbatim notes for your meetings, we can help. We also provide transcription services, closed captioning for meetings, translation for meetings and verbatim notes for meetings. If you would like more information about these, or any of our other services, please get in touch via telephone, email or message. We look forward to hearing from you.


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