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Working for German transcription companies and translation companies means that sometimes you go beyond the call of duty when an urgent job comes in. You go the extra mile. Or even further. You may actually party through the night. Well, not quite partying. But working through to get the job done.
Oh what a Night! The Call of Duty.
German translation companies, German transcription companies, German translation services, German transcription servicesAs a freelancer for German transcription companies and German translation companies I am able to decide when I work, to some extent. I have two little ones that I look after and therefore my working hours may be a little different to the normal 9 to 5 jobs. I often work in the mornings and then again in the evening, when they are asleep. But sometimes it doesn’t go quite that way…
So after the holidays I found myself at home with my two children as the school had an extra day off. Yet it was the day when a large and important translation job came in at Transcription City. I am a conscientious worker, but sometimes it is the timing that just works against me. However, a slightly later deadline was negotiated and I was able to deliver in the morning, which helped me and I hope was satisfactory for the client too.
The job was meant to be about football. I liked that, because I like football and being bilingual in English and German, well – do I need to say more?? So I opened the file and could hardly believe my eyes. Two all-time German football heroes were being interviewed and it was my job to translate their words into English. My heart skipped.
I sat down at 8 o’clock in the evening, a little later than I had hoped, and started. The job was very interesting in fact, as they were discussing their experiences of Football World Cups, when they had won as players – events that I had also watched and which feature quite large in my personal memory. I got excited just listening to them. I actually also felt quite honoured to do the job.
The job was big and long, but equally urgent and important. So you know what is coming…. Yes, I got to spend the night with both of them. Well, in my ears that is. And on my screen. <3 It was early morning by the time that I finished and yes, I did feel it the next day. But I delivered before the deadline, having thoroughly enjoyed what they had to say. Oh, what a night!
Large Coffee with two extra shots, please. Thank you.
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