Transcription Services Styles and Common Uses

March 27, 2017 Samantha

Here at Transcription City, we have a variety of transcription services, transcription styles and formats to suit your needs and requirements. From discourse analysis to timecoded transcription, we are around and available to help seven days a week (even including bank holidays). With that in mind, we thought we’d go through just some of the options you have when it comes to the secretarial services we have on offer.Transcription services, transcription styles, foriegn language transcription services, translation services, captioning services, typing services and subtitling services

Transcription Services

Our standard transcription services include intelligent verbatim dialogue,(excluding ‘um’s’ ‘erm’s’, fillers, repetition and false starts) delivered in either rich text (word, pages and the like) plain text format.

Transcription Services Extras

Here are just a few extras you can add to your transcription services.

Strict Verbatim Transcription Services

Strict verbatim transcription includes ‘um’s’ ‘erm’s’, fillers, repetition and false starts. This is especially useful in legal sectors, government and police interviews where it can be used as evidence in court. Strict verbatim transcription can also be used for research to analyse speech patterns.

Discourse Analysis Transcription Services

Discourse analysis takes strict verbatim transcription up a notch and not only includes every utterance but also used specific symbols (or conventions) to indicate chances and patterns in speech such as pauses, length of pauses, laughter, crying, pitch of voice, tone of voice and subtle changes in dialogue. This is often used to analyse speech patterns for various types of research.

Edited Transcription and Copy Writing

Edited transcription is similar to intelligent verbatim transcription, only more streamlined. An edited transcript will have the punctuation, grammar and syntax altered for ease of reading. We can also edit into article or blog form as and when required.

Time Coded Transcription

Time coded transcription can be typed using any of the above styles, but also includes regular time stamps (which can be included as and when you require them). This can be particularly useful for raw video transcription and in legal sectors in order to make finding certain sections of dialogue easy to find when cross referencing with the original video or audio file.

If you would like more information about any of our transcription services, translation services, captioning services or subtitling services, feel free to contact us at any time.



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