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Our Top Five Uses for Transcription Services

When it comes to finding uses for transcription services, there are many options. Transcription services can cover such a wide range of industries and sectors; from legal transcription to video transcription and everything in between. There are so many useful things you can do with a transcript, so we thought we’d highlight our top five!

Foreign Language Transcription

While there are many translation companies around, most concentrate on document translation only, with very few carrying out their own transcription services. Transcripts can then be translated if required or transcripts can be converted to subtitles, closed captions or for use in court depending on the files sent.

Transcription Services for Accessibility

When it comes to accessibility, transcription services are essential. Carefully timed transcripts can be used for creating closed captions for the deaf and hard of hearing, they can also be used to create audio descriptions that are in sync with video for those with vision loss. Finally, as above, transcripts can be translated to allow accessibility to speakers of different languages in the form of transcripts, interactive transcripts or subtitles.

Transcription Services for Meetings

Transcription for meetings can really help ensure that an objective record of events is kept for future reference. Whether you require a live transcriber (essential for those who have hearing loss) or simply want to send your recordings to a transcription company to be typed up, transcription for meetings can really help you to inform your company of meeting outcomes and share information more easily amongst teams.

Transcription Services for Authors

Ideas don’t always come when you are sitting at your desk, so recording ideas, notes and memoirs can be a great way of taking the hard work out of writing. One of the best uses for transcription services for authors is the organisation of your notes or ideas and even format your dictations into either hard copy format or ebook format for publishing. We’ll even copy edit and proofread your work if required.

Transcription Services for Media

The media industry is fast paced and deadline driven so if you are a journalist or reporter that needs transcripts of important interviews, speeches or even undercover recordings. You can use a fast transcription service to get your message across quickly, accurately and ahead of your competition.

If you would like more information about the uses for transcription services translation services, subtitling services, closed captioning, voice over services or note taking services, why not get in touch?

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