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Transcription Turnarounds

Transcription Turnaround Times Explained

Here at Transcription City, we offer a range of different turnaround times, depending on your requirements. With this in mind, we thought we’d explain a bit more about the turnaround times we offer and how you can get the very best from our transcription services.

Fast Transcription Turnaround

Our four hour transcription turnaround is the fastest service we offer. This is not to say that we don’t frequently deliver files faster than this, but it is the fastest turnaround we can guarantee. One of the most important things to remember if you need a fast turnaround on your files is to let us know as far in advance as possible:
How much audio or video you will be sending for transcription,
Whether file contains multiple speakers (or strong accents).
When you will be sending the file or files for transcription.
Exactly when you need the file back by.
These can help us ensure that there is enough typists available to carry out your work when you send it and will make your turnaround as fast as possible. It is also strongly advised that you send us a list of any technical terms, spellings of names etc. as this helps the typist to get the work completed even faster, as time is saved on research (which can prove time consuming).
12 hour turnarounds follow a similar procedure as do overnight turnarounds, (which need to be received before 6pm).

Standard Transcription Turnaround

Our standard turnaround time is 24-48 hours and varies depending on both how much work you send us and how busy we are at the time of sending your files to us (please note, although we are almost always able to return our standard transcripts within 24 hours, if your require a guaranteed 24 hour turnaround, there can be an extra charge.
If you have an urgent file that you would like to send us or would like to know more about our transcription services or the turnaround times we offer then please get in touch. We can provide you with a fast and accurate transcriptionist who has experience in your field or industry.

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