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Good Transcription

What To Look For in A Transcript

Good Transcription – Readability

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When purchasing an interview transcript, the most important thing is that the finished document makes sense and is easy to read. At Transcription City, our typists follow a set list of guidelines to make sure the grammar, punctuation and style of your document is accurate and helps with the readability of what has been said in your interviews. For example, a speaker can waffle on for a long time without any real ‘break’ in what they are saying, but the written word needs to be broken up into easily digestible sentences.

Good Transcription – Accuracy

When you work in a specialist field and are looking for legal transcription, or medical transcription, for example, it’s important that your finished transcript has the correct spelling and punctuation of certain words. We know this is highly important, so when we hire typists, we allocate work to them based on their experience, qualifications and specialisms. For example, a secretary with ten years experience in the property sector will be allocated work typing inventories, homebuyers reports and property contracts, etc, whereas a secretary with solid experience in admin but no real specialist area is likely to be passed work that is of a less specific basis, for example, data entry.

Good Transcription – Value

Value for money is something we always consider when offering our typing services. Our charges are competitive in the transcription market and are fully inclusive of proofreading – something that many transcription companies do not include in their standard packages.

Good Transcription – Professionalism

It’s important that when you receive your document back, it is professionally written and easy to read and edit. At Transcription City, we make sure all of our transcripts are formatted correctly on Microsoft Word, and we can also save your documents as PDF. Shortcuts to formatting can cost you hours in corrections if you wish to make any insertions of your own into your transcript. For example, if a typist were to insert spaces instead of tabs to separate the speaker key from the body of text, if you want to insert anything further into your document, e.g. notes, the whole alignment of that paragraph may be thrown off and you may be in the middle of a formatting nightmare! Our typing services will always include professionally formatted Word documents that are proofread and accurate first time around, saving you more time and money, and allowing you the freedom to edit your transcript as you please without any worries.

Good Transcription – Timely Delivery

A perfectly written, formatted and proofread interview transcript is of little use if you don’t receive it until a week after it was due. We have English speaking typists that work across the globe (each of whom will have passed a grammar, spelling and audio typing test before taking on work with us). This means that no matter what time, day or night, we will work to get your dictation or interview typed up and back to you well within your requested time. We offer typing services on turnarounds as little as four hours.


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