German Translation Services and German Transcription Services

November 29, 2016 Samantha

At Transcription City, we offer a range of services for German translations, whether you have German audio for transcription, video needing foreign subtitles, or documents or websites needing localisation. Here is a summary of German translation services that may be useful to your business.german-transcription-services-and-german-translation-services

German Transcription

If you have German interviews, conferences, focus groups, webinars or the like that you would like transcribed, we can help. Having your audio or video transcribed can really help you progress more quickly with your research, enabling you to search text quickly for references as well as allowing you to have a reliable record of information.

German Time Coded Transcription

For German audio or video files that are likely to be edited, or where you will need to revisit the video or audio to check against your transcript, time coded transcription is a very good option. It is especially recommended for production companies working with foreign rushes that will likely need subsequent translating, and editing.

German Video or Audio Translation

Translation of audio or video can be done directly into the target language, or worked on from a document or transcript created from the original media file. Direct translation tends to be a slightly less accurate method in terms of maintaining sentence structure and is generally not suitable for files that will require subsequent subtitling. Prices for direct translation are charged on a per audio/video minute basis. For translations subsequent to German transcription, prices are worked out on a per source word basis as is usual in the industry.

German Document Translation

We provide German document translation for a number of different sectors, on a wide range of topics and in various formats depending on client requirements. We employ linguists specialising in medical, legal, financial, property and research translation and more. We can also work with a variety of formats which include .PDF files, Word files, Excel, PowerPoint and more. We can provide services which include the use of Adobe packages also to ensure your files look professional and maintain any colours graphics to be consistent with your source documents.

German Website Translation

Website translation can often be overlooked, especially with Google translations being available on many websites, but localisation and a ‘human’ translation can make all the difference to foreign readers. For example, if you are hoping to appeal to a German client base but do not pay attention to cultural differences in language, you will likely not create the first impression you would have liked.

German Subtitle Creation

Subtitle translation and closed caption translations our specialty. Whether you are looking for English to German subtitles, or German to English, we can help. We work with a wide range of different subtitle formats and can provide fast, urgent subtitle turnarounds of as little as 24 hours for German subtitles. Our timings are always accurate and proofread following completion, and we can also offer a service to burn your subtitles onto your videos.

If you would like more information about any of our transcription services or translation services, feel free to contact us at any time.


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