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Document Formatting Services and Translation Services

When working with document translations, especially using non-editable .pdf files, if you want your final target language document to be a good match to your original source language document, it can be worthwhile to use our translation services, transcription services and formatting services together to save yourself time and money. transcription services, translation services and document formatting

Contents Hyperlinks with Headings

If your source document contains hyperlinks or contents, we can incorporate the same into your final translated document so that relevant sections can be easily located.We make sure to also use a hierarchy for our headings to keep consistency and a professional finish.

Embedded Images, Diagrams and Graphs

We can insert and embed your images into your final translation and transcription. Any images that contain text, we translate and localize as required and add tags of necessary. Any diagrams can be inserted and translated, or entirely reconstructed when working with .pdf files.

Document Alignment and Spacing

For your translated documents, we make sure to use the correct alignments and spacing to match your original documents. There is nothing worse than having a word document that looks perfect but as soon as you make an edit, you find everything is thrown off completely as short cuts were taken with random spaces utilized in place of tabs and correct alignments. In our translation services, we always format your Word, Excel and PowerPoint presentations with the correct professional formatting throughout.

Editing Services

We strive for perfection and will match page numbers to your original document, inserting page and section breaks where necessary. As with alignment and spacing, our priority is a professional finish and for your completed translation to be a pleasure to read and easy for you to make changes and edits where you please without running into any formatting difficulties.

Headers, Logos, Graphics and Signatures

We match headers where requested, inserting the correct logos and using colours to match your company respondence. We make extra effort to insert signatures where they are in your original documents and are more than happy to do research on logos and styles to make sure everything looks right, including inserting watermarks.


Any amendments you need to be made to your document can be done free of charge of we are notified within 48 hours of receipt of your translation.
If you have documents you need translated or media files that need transcription services and subsequent translation services or specific formatting, contact us for a quote. We work with all Word packages, Pages and RTF files, subtitle files and PDFs.

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