Website Localisation Services and Translation Services for Websites

April 20, 2018 Samantha

We offer professional website localisation services and translation services to ensure that your copy is translated and written to suit your target audience, increase sales, showcase your services and get people reading and enjoying your website content. website localisation services, website translation services

Are you selling products through your website or via an online sales platform? Maybe you would like to sell your online products to new countries. You don’t speak the lingo? Transcription City Typing Services can help!

Website Localisation Services

So what could this mean for you? This could mean that you can easily overcome the language barrier and reach out to more customers whose first language is not primarily English or those who only have a basic understanding of it and might be a bit weary to dive into an online purchase. Our website localisation services also enable you to build your SEO (search engine optimisation) and reach a global or international audience and following.

Website Translation Services

Our expert translators are able to translate your website for you. Yes, that includes the welcome message, all the details about yourself, the page descriptions, even the product descriptions and shipping info. Oh and yes, the legal bit too, of course. We can even provide you with email templates for order confirmations, shipping notifications or special offers. You would like the wording for a Facebook Advert campaign to match? Or text for flyers to include in the parcels that go out? We hear you! All this is based on the English information that you already have and we will do the rest. Sorted!

Some online platforms offer automatic translation of your shop. But please stay well away from that, as these are usually computer generated and lack, in a lot of cases, even the basic framework for grammar and vocabulary. What you want is the quality and this is where we come in. Our translators are also experts in their specific field and industry (having at least five years experience and training), so they will have an understanding of how things work in your area. And they will ensure that your product gets to the same target audience as it would back home, all through skilful translation.

We also offer translation services, transcription services, foreign language transcription services, video transcription, subtitling services, foreign language subtitling services and closed captioning for the deaf and hard of hearing. Why not give us a try? Simply contact us for a quote today.

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