Online Video Transcription

Online videos are a great way to connect with your viewers. Making videos available online can help your company gain thousands or even millions of viewers all over the world, for very little cost. Using video also helps to build and establish trust with potential clients, as well as helping build your brand and convey helpful or informative information to your viewers. Online videos can also be used by tutors to help students to learn from the comfort of their own home.

There is just one problem… Getting found amongst all the other videos available on the internet!

If you or your business uses video to connect with your clients or potential clients, it may be well worth your time to invest in having your videos professionally transcribed. Having your videos transcribed can help you to connect with a wider audience, such as those who are deaf or hard of hearing. Video transcripts are also extremely useful for marketing your videos, as the text that is written in your transcripts can be indexed by the search engines. This means that you can include whatever keywords you are targeting, to attract viewers who will find the information presented useful. If you plan on submitting your videos to Google videos, then we can format your transcripts correctly and include time codes to make sure that they are perfectly in sync with your video and can be found by the right people, when searching for relevant information.

We have included an example of a time-coded transcript for online videos below:

Time-coded online video transcription example

We also provide .srt Subtitles Services.

As well as being great for SEO, another advantage of having online videos is that the dialogue they contain can be easily modified and used for a variety of purposes.

  • Educational Videos. Transcripts from educational videos can be downloaded and printed as an aid for study.
  • Promotional or Commercial Videos. Transcripts from promotional videos can be used to produce, informative articles or blogs, which can be published alongside or independently from your videos.
  • Corporate Videos. The transcripts of corporate videos can be modified and used for producing brochures, leaflets and guide booklets to provide information to clients or employees.

So, the main advantages of using online video transcription services for your online videos are as follows:

  • Helps you or your company to reach a wider audience, including viewers who are hard of hearing.
  • Is great for Search Engine Optimisation and means that you can use keywords within your video.
  • Means that people who are looking for specific content will be able to find videos that are relevant.
  • Students can use transcripts from online tutorials to make study notes or to revise from.
  • Teachers can use the transcripts from online tutorials to build their lesson plans or to augment their existing lessons.
  • Transcripts can be tweaked in order to be used for online articles, blogs or promotional material.

If you would like to use our online video transcription services or have any questions or concerns about using transcripts with your videos, contact us today. We are able to transcribe in just about any video format including, .mov, mp4, .wmv (standard or HD). We are also able to download videos for transcription via YouTube, Vimeo and many other video hosting sites, simply provide us with the link and we’ll take care of the rest.