Website Translation, Localisation and Transcription Services

August 23, 2016 Samantha

For businesses looking to appeal to foreign audiences and reach new target markets, your company website is often the first and the best way to expand your business globally. Websites are there to help consumers and clients to locate products, services and information. The web is worldwide in nature and people all over the world can theoretically access your company website that is publicly available but in order to gain confidence, trust and interest from foreign audiences, you will likely need to use website translation services, along with localisation services to make the information your website provides accessible and fully comprehensive. Website Translation, Localisation and Transcription Services

Transcription and Translation Extras

We can check your website for linguistic consistency when working on translations and localisations and this can be really important for a truly accessible site for your foreign audience. Let’s say a Spanish speaker wants to access your site. You have all of your pages translated from English to Spanish, but any links to video, forms or downloadable documents will still be in English. Inconsistencies like this may be detrimental to marketing your business globally and not give the right impression to foreign audiences.

At Transcription City, in our website translation services, not only will we work to translate your website pages in the written word but we are also happy on request to work with any PowerPoint presentations, downloadable PDFs or forms, Excel spreadsheets, videos, podcasts or online audio you would like to have translated as well.

Language Services

We offer website translations in a vast range of languages, including:

French website translation

Italian website translation

Spanish website translation

German website translation

Dutch website translation

English website translation

Greek website translation

Chinese website translation

…and many more…

Website Localisation

When it comes to website translations, localisation can be highly important in not only appealing to consumers and clients abroad, but also in avoiding any possible offence in terms of your content. Localisation can sometimes be a grey area. Brand names and trademarks will need to be kept consistent for your company, but slogans may to translate sensibly into another language. Localisation can include edits and highlights to:


Expressions and sayings


Cultural codes of ethics and rules of conduct

Sense of humour

Social, cultural and professional habits and customs

Whatever country you are from and language you speak, whatever the content of your website, Transcription City Translations are happy to help you to expand your business to reach a global market. We also offer video transcription services as and when required.



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