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Digital Typing Services and Transcription

Organising and archiving hard copies of documents can take a up large amounts of space, can be difficult to catalogue, retrieve and edit, as well as being and a potential fire hazard. For this reason (and numerous others) many businesses and organisations are converting their hard copy documents, files and storage systems to digital files. If you aren’t sure if this is something that would benefit you or your business, read on about our Digital Typing Services and Transcription as we offer our top reasons to go digital.

Typing services for digital files
I need to go digital!

Digital Document Creation

Paper documents can take up a large amount of space, be difficult to retrieve and can deteriorate quickly in the wrong conditions. Using typing services to create digital copies of your documents, means that your files can be archived, retrieved and edited quickly, easily and with minimum hassle. It also eliminates the need for large storage areas and means that information can be easily shared amoungst colleagues or for work projects. Original documents can also be edited, proofread or formatted to your exact needs and specifications.

Digital Audio Files

Converting cassettes tape, CDs, DVDs, VHS and the like into digital audio or video files can save even more space than converting your documents to digital form. Digital files will also maintain their audio or video quality over long periods time, even with regular playback. Another alternative storage option method for videos or audio files is to have them transcribed. Transcripts offer you the ability to easily find and utilise information from specific sections of dialogue, without having to listen to hours and hours of playback. We recommend having your transcripts time coded in cases where you wish to cross reference your audio or video files with your transcript.
Here at Transcription City, we want to make your work life as easy and stress free as possible, which is why we offer a range of on tap services to support and grow your business, without the hassle of monthly contracts or onsite temps. Our pay as you go business support includes transcription services, typing services, captioning, video transcription, online secretarial services, web design, document formatting and virtual assistant services. If you would like to know more or would like a chat about how we can help, why not get it touch today? We look forward to connecting with you.

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