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Digital Transcription

Why Digital is Best for Transcription

So you have a cassette, DVD or CD that you need to have transcribed. You’ve found a reputable company to transcribe it for you, but what’s the best way to get it to them? You have two options: send the audio directly to the transcription company via post, DX or courier to convert the file into digital media for transcription or do the conversion yourself and send it. Here at Transcription City, we get numerous requests for converting audio to digital format for transcription, and we’re happy to do it, but here are some tips on how to do it yourself, and why a DIY conversion is always best!
If you’re looking for a quick turnaround on your files, you don’t want to be waiting for your audio to be posted to your transcription company and then for it to be converted before work can even commence. By converting your audio to digital format, your typing services company can receive your files directly via ftp, an online upload function or even directly via email.
Sending audio or video directly to a transcription company for conversion is always an option but you will need to trust your selected company to not only do a good job of converting your audio, but also not to damage your media in case you choose to send it elsewhere. Typing service companies will have up-to-date sophisticated software for converting your audio and can also provide clean-up services for poor quality sound but nothing beats being able to listen to and check audio quality for yourself. Also, if there are any hitches in your audio or video transcription, you will always have the option of sending your transcription work elsewhere without losing too much time, should you decide to convert your audio to digital yourself and save a copy.
Sending hard copy audio, be it cassette, CD or otherwise, can be a dangerous business. There is never a full assurance that your files will reach us undamaged and if you haven’t got a digital backup of your files, you could lose everything. Bearing in mind we advise to backup your files before sending them to us, if you already have them on your PC or Mac in digital format, you may as well save yourself time and money by emailing them to us, or uploading via the internet so you will still have a copy, just for extra security.
Converting cassettes, DVDs or CDs into digital format, ready to send to transcriptionists online, can be expensive as it takes time. Having your files converted to digital format before having them transcribed can add up to 50% to your bill, so converting your files yourself can be as real cost saver.
At Transcription City, we offer audio and video conversion services alongside our standard transcription services but we advise our clients that these services take time and cost money. It’s for this reason we have produced a video online for clients who wish to convert their audio and video to digital format, but currently lack the know-how. Check out our instructional videos page for details.
If you have any queries or comments regarding our transcription services or audio and video conversion, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0208 816 8584, email us at or visit our website and use our online chat service, and we’ll be happy to help.

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