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Digital Dictation

Dictation Transcription for Business Marketing

Dictation transcription is often used by the medical profession for recording correspondence, patient notes and various documents. However, many other companies will find that they can also significantly benefit from dictation transcription.
Using a Dictaphone to record important information can be useful to any business, especially if you are short on time and need to get information down quickly. It takes roughly four times longer to type something than it does to say something, so making the decision to record important letters, documents, business articles or even whole books, can free up a lot of time.
Using dictation along with a transcription service can be useful for a number of different other reasons, which I will outline below:

  • Dictating letters means that you don’t have to sit down and physically type your important correspondence any longer. Not only does this save you a lot of time in both typing and formatting your documents but it also means that you don’t have to worry about getting through mountains of paperwork when you could be doing something more challenging or important.
  • Whole books or eBooks can be written, formatted, edited (according to your preferences) and returned to you quickly and with minimum effort on your part. This can mean that you can let your ideas run more freely as you don’t have to concentrate on typing; just what you want to say. You can even request that we flawlessly incorporate certain keywords into your manuscript for optimisation, if you are considering publishing on to your website.
  • Podcasts, videos and audio tutorials can be turned into transcripts to publish on your website for SEO. It is also possible to opt for edited transcription or note taking to turn your digital dictations into articles, blogs or notes, making them easier to share over the internet.
  • Students can have their dictations, interviews and research transcribed and used for their dissertations, essays or as a study aid.
  • Businesses can use transcription services to transcribe dictations for safety manuals, instructional material and forms without even having to worry about layouts, grammatical errors. Promotional material such as articles, brochures, flyers and blogs can also be transcribed, proofread and formatted according to your specifications.

Using transcription services to transform your dictations into useful documents can be a great way to save the money it would cost to hire a temp, the stress of applicant interviews and the time spent doing resume checks and drawing up contracts.

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