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5 Reasons that Dictation and Transcription are Awesome

Using transcription services for your dictations can save huge amounts of time, stress and effort; allowing you to reduce your workload, at relatively little cost. These days you can record your dictations on the fly quickly and easily, without even needing a Dictaphone, by making your recordings via your iPhone, smartphone, tablet or iPad. Dictations can be used for creating all sorts of documents and media and to demonstrate, here’s our top five reasons that we think transcription and dictation are awesome!

Transcription Services For Dictation
Transcription Services for Dictation.

Dictation and Transcription for SEO (search engine optimization)

Blog writing, Facebook posts, Google Plus, Tweets, Article writing  my fingers are tired just typing the list of things to update! If you want to take the hard work out of these tasks, maybe you should start dictating them. For instance, a blog post can be easily dictated in the car on the way to work (time otherwise wasted on road rage!) and sent straight over to your transcription service before you’ve even reached the office. Dictation can be a great way of multitasking and getting things done.

Dictation, Transcription and Translation

Getting letters, emails and documents translated can be expensive; especially if you have a high word count (document translation is charged per word). Dictating your messages to speakers of a foreign language via transcription, can save both time and money if they are translated directly from audio to text, meaning that you send your message quickly, easily and at a reduced cost (when compared to text to text translation).

Dictation and Transcription for Evidence

Dictation for evidence can come in many forms; from covertly recorded surveillance to forensic evidence transcription. We can transform recorded dictation into strict verbatim transcripts ready to be used as evidence in court. We can also complete complex reports based around existing your existing templates. Simply send your recordings and let us know your requirements.

Dictation and Transcription for Novels

Writing a novel can be hard work, especially when you consider that there are often many revised drafts to write before your masterpiece is created. Spending long periods sitting at your computer with writers block can be stressful, unproductive and bad for your eyes! This is why many writers have turned to dictating their novels, after all, why sit at a computer all day,when you could dictate your novel during a long stroll, relaxing in the garden or even in the car? Not only does this reduce the stress and pressure of producing pages and pages of copy, but it also encourages inspiration, as you can now let your ideas flow, without feeling restricted.

Dictation and Transcription for Medical Reports, Notes and Letters

Writing up medical reports and medical referral letters can be time consuming, in fact, it takes around 75% less time to dictate a words than to type them! By dictating your letters is almost like having a second proofreading too, as medical transcriptionists will also have the knowledge and training to spot any potential mistakes and run them past you before sending out the final draft.
So there you have it, our top five reasons that dictation and transcription are awesome!
If you have a dictation, interview or video that you would like to have transcribed, why not drop us a line today? We take pride in offering transcription services that are fast, accurate and reasonably priced.

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