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June 2, 2014 Samantha

Transcription City is proud to announce that we now offer professional translation services for our clients. We are now able to translate documents, audio and videos. Here are some ways you can work with Transcription City to maximise the accessibility of your documents, audio and videos.

document, audio and video translation services

We can translate documents, audio and videos.

Document Translations

When it comes to document translation, information and circulation are key drivers for you getting your projects done. Transcription City can provide a document translation service if you are looking to have your books, company documents, reports, letters, minutes, or whatever else, translated. It may be you work for a global company and you want information to be circulated to your offices around the world, so you require French translation, Spanish translation, German translation, or any other language. Alternatively, if you work in a research sector, be it medical research, scientific research or other, having important recent documents translated into English can be almost essential in order to keep you up to date with recent affairs. We live in a global market and developments don’t only happen in English speaking countries. By having your documents translated from French, Spanish, Italian, or whatever language it may be, you may make available to your company, yourself and your staff a whole world of information you could have been missing out on!

Audio Translations

Be it podcast translation, interview translation, focus group translation, or other types of audio translation, having foreign audio translated into English can be invaluable for you to get a new perspective on things. Whether it be understanding foreign markets, different cultural perspectives, or just having access to audio you would not have been able to otherwise. Alternatively, you may want to have your own audio files translated in order to reach a wider audience and our translation services are fast, reliable and accurate for all of your translation needs.

Video Translations

Video is everywhere. Social media websites such as YouTube and Vimeo, amongst others, are used by companies and consumers globally to get ideas and messages across. By having your videos translated you reach a huge audience that may have otherwise never known you existed. We are happy to provide both translation and transcription services for your videos.

Subtitle Translations

With Netflix, LoveFilm and other online broadcasting companies, as well as videos available through social media, videos are accessible to a worldwide audience. Without subtitles in numerous languages, you could be missing out on a really big audience to watch your films. Transcription City creates original .SRT or .SSA files for your videos in English, and then can translate subtitles into numerous languages. These include French subtitle translation, German subtitle translation, Spanish subtitle translation, Portuguese subtitle translation, amongst others. Transcription City provide accurate, timely and reliable translation services, whatever your needs. All final documents are proofread and we are flexible to work with your timescales, templates, house styles and whatever else you need. If you would like more information on Transcription City’s translation services, please contact us today to discuss your requirements.



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