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Transcription Services for Dictation and Multiple Speaker

At Transcription City, we deal with a number of different types of audio and video files of different formats, lengths and topics. However, one of the most difficult variances in recording, transcribing and editing transcripts is the number of speakers. Here is a rundown of some of our most common transcript types in terms of speakers.

Transcription services for dictation
Transcription Services for Dictation

Transcription Services for Dictation

We hire typists and secretaries that specialise in your area that can provide transcription services for dictation. Legal and medical dictations typically require a specialist knowledge of specific jargon, technical terms, layouts and writing styles. Our transcriptionists are highly qualified and educated, and will be vetted before work is allocated to ensure they are adequately capable of taking on your dictations. We accept dictation files in a range of formats, including files that have been recorded on iPhones, smartphones, blackberries and the like, that are sent directly to us via an app or FTP.

Interview Transcription

A lot of the work that we take on at Transcription City is in the form of two or three speaker interviews. These can be radio or television interviews that have been broadcast that are extremely high quality in terms of audio, or research interviews taken on by students, professionals or market research companies. Like dictation, we can accept interview files in a range of formats, but if you have recorded an interview on your iPhone, smartphone or the like, the charge for transcription may be higher if the audio is of a compromised quality, as it may take a longer time to transcribe. For one to one interview recording, we would advise that your interviews take place in a quiet place, with the recording device situated very near speakers.

Conference Transcription

We hire transcriptionists that specialise in different industries, and can transcribe your conferences for you. We advise to use a feed direct from key note speaker microphones to get back the best transcript, as we will be able to pick up more audio, but we can also work audio that has been recorded from an attendee within a conference hall. Conferences can contain many speakers. We will charge on a per speaker basis, but this can be negotiated depending on how much interchanging there is between speakers, or if there is a large Q&A session at the end of the conference where you expect speakers to be identified.

Focus Group Transcription

Focus group transcripts are mostly requested by market research companies but can also be useful for students, and marketing firms. We try our best to identify speakers where requested, but this is not always possible, especially if there are many speakers of the same sex and similar ages and accents. We advise that for focus group recordings, a microphone is fitted to each speaker so as to ensure the best quality audio to avoid an extra charge. Remember, poor quality audio will give a poorer quality transcript and also cost you more money, as it will take longer to transcribe.
If you are interested in any of our transcription services or online secretarial assistance, why not get in touch? We are available 7 days a week and always happy to help.

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