Transcription Services: Helpful Tips for Clients

April 4, 2014 Samantha

If you regularly use transcription services, you may find that from time to time you end up recording more audio than you intended to have transcribed. For example, you may have attended a business meeting and forget to turn off the recorder during a short break or conducted an interview accidentally recorded redundant dialogue with the respondent or a colleague, long after any relevant information has finished. If this is the case, we have a nifty little trick on how you can cut your audio files down an exact size using iTunes. We think you’ll enjoy this one because most people are already familiar with iTunes and it’s free!

editing audio files for transcription with iTunes

Resize with iTunes. It’s easy!

Cutting Audio Files to Size with iTunes:

First of all, find the file that you want to reduce and drop it straight into iTunes.

Secondly click on the file and select “Get info”

From there you will want to select “Options” from along the top menu bar on the new pop up menu.

Now select the checkbox that says “Start Time” and type in the exact hours, minutes and seconds that you would like your new file to start from.

Then select the checkbox that says “Stop Time” and then type in the hours, minutes and seconds that you would like your new file to end at.

Once you have done this and you are happy with the new start and end times, press “OK”

Now you are back to the main iTunes menu, click on the file you have edited and select “Create mp3 Version”. This should create a new file with the exact times you have just specified; you can check this by looking at the time column in iTunes.

Finally drag the edited file on to your desktop and then upload it to your chosen transcription company – hopefully us. We hope you have found this useful!

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