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File Delivery Options For Audio And Video Transcription

Methods Of Sending Your Files To Us For Transcription

When having audio or video typed up using an online transcription service, one of the first things to consider is file delivery. You may know that you want to send your interview or focus group transcription to Transcription City but what is the best way to get it there? In this blog, we’ll look at the pros and cons of different methods of file transfer.
DropBox, YouSend it and other File Transfer Protocols (ftp).
You may be happiest using an ftp you are comfortable with. If you use YouSendIt or DropBox on a regular basis, it may be best to stick with what you know and you can arrange for different file size limits depending on how much you pay. It’s important when using these sites that you discuss your transcription with the typing services company beforehand so they can expect and monitor for safe delivery. After all, you don’t want the delivery confirmation ending up unnoticed in a spam folder.
In-House File Sharing (System or Affiliated Site).
This is the most reliable method you can choose. The downside may be your unfamiliarity with the system, but if you have any problems with your upload, you can call Transcription City for technical help. Our file sharing system (MyDocsOnline) is trusted, protected and secure. Also, there are no file size limits imposed on you and rather than your paying for data allowance (such as with YouSendIt, etc.), we foot the bill!
On-the-go Transfer using an iPhone, Android or Blackberry app.
This method is perfect for urgent transcripts, allowing you to send audio immediately to Transcription City, even if you’re not in the office! The downside to this method is more in audio quality. Dictation into a phone is fine for single speaker dictation or at most, one-to-one interviews in a quiet location but is not suitable for busy conferences, focus groups or interviews taking place in a noisy environment.
Encrypted Email.
For smaller sized audio and video files, you may feel more comfortable simply using email. Remember, however, emails can be less secure than other file transfer methods so it’s best not to use email for sensitive, confidential information.
This method can be used for audio or video that is in a format that cannot be transferred online due to size or type of media. This method is less than favourable due to the post services’ lack of security and reliability. It is also more expensive for the client as conversion charges will apply from the transcription company and is not suitable for urgent work for obvious reasons.
This is a method by which we are happy to accept work, but it is not ideal. Often, work is couriered if it is considered too large for easy online transfer. You may think getting files sent direct in this manner will mean a faster turnaround. However, online typists work remotely so the transcription city will need to convert the files to a usable size. This will merit an extra conversion charge and take time that renders it a less favourable option for urgent work.
Public Sites such as YouTube or Vimeo.
This method is ideal if your audio or video is already online as you can simply send a link for video transcription. You can put your video online in this way to give access to your chosen transcription company but it does make your video public if you do not choose to password protect it. This is a good perfect option for companies looking to advertise as having online videos transcribed is invaluable for SEO, killing two birds with one stone, as it were.
So to sum up, for urgent files, the best, fastest and cheapest method of file transfer is online. At Transcription City, we accept many different methods of audio file and video file delivery for typing but undeniably, the best, fastest, cheapest and most reliable method of file transfer is online.
If you are looking to have your dictations, interviews or conferences typed up and have any concerns or would like to discuss how best to get your files to us, don’t hesitate to call on 0208 816 8557, email at info@ or simply chat with us online.

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