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Transcription Services and Foreign Language Transcription Services

Here at Transcription City, we pride ourselves on producing high quality transcription services to all of our clients.What you may not know is that we also produce the same high quality, professional transcription services in a variety of different languages. Want to know more about our transcription services? Then read on!

Foreign Language Transcription Services and Transcription Styles

As with our standard transcription services, when producing foreign language transcripts, we also offer transcription styles such as verbatim transcription, intelligent verbatim transcription, edited transcription and time stamped transcripts.

Foreign Language Transcription Services and Translation Services

Depending on your project, you may require transcription into the source language of your audio or video file or translation from the source language into another language (or of course several different languages). We provide translation services in a huge range of different languages and dialects according to your needs.

Foreign Language Subtitling Services

If you have a video file that needs to be subtitled, then look no further! We provide foreign language subtitle services in both open captions and closed captions. All we need from you is your video file – we can then transcribe, translate, subtitle and produce the final video to your specifications.

Foreign Language Transcription Services and Turnaround

We know that deadlines can sometimes be tight and this is why we offer a range of turnaround times. We can produce transcripts on a rush or standard turnaround and when large projects are being completed, we are happy to offer a staggered delivery when you can receive work in stages as it is completed, meaning that you never have to wait around.

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Language barriers can cause problems!

Experienced Linguists for your Translations

As well as ensuring that you have plenty to choose from when it comes to the style and type of translation or transcription service you require, we also ensure that accuracy and efficiency is as high as possible. We do this by using linguists and transcriptionists with many years training and experience in their chosen field or industry. This means that we always select your transcriptionist or translator based on the subject matter of the material you have provided us with, this means that your completed project is both highly accurate in terms of factual information, without losing the tone, style or meaning of the source document, video or audio file.
If you would like more information about any of our transcription services (including foreign language transcription, translation services, open captioning, closed captioning or foreign language subtitling services) feel free to get in touch any time. We are happy to discuss all your needs and requirements in order to produce the best solutions for you and your company.

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