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Using a transcription company for SEO

Many different business and individuals use transcription services for their overflow administration work, but have you ever considered using a typing service to promote your business or website?
Here are a few ways you can use a transcription service to promote yourself:

  • Vlogs and Podcasts can be transcribed and added to your website or blog. This can be a useful tool for SEO and can be really helpful if your Videos or Podcasts are instructional or contain information that is useful to clients or potential clients.
  • Leaflets, letters and brochures can be copy typed, laid out or transcribed from dictation to use in any off line marketing.
  • Articles and blogs can be typed and uploaded from dictation.
  • Templates for marketing emails, letters and business cards can be typed, proofread and sent to you.

All of these things can be really useful for marketing your business and staying connected with clients.

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