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Transcription Services for Everyone!

If you think transcription services are only for interviews and focus groups, think again! Transcription is for everyone and can be used for a few different reasons that you might not have considered. With this in mind, here are our favourite alternative reasons to use an professional transcription service.

Transcription Services for Authors

If you are a writer or an author, a good transcription company can save you a significant amount of time. A quality transcription service will type up and format dictations according to

Transcription Services for everyone
Transcription services are for everyone!

your requirements, transcribe your research interviews, as well as type up and organise your dictated notes and ideas, making them easy for you to find for future reference. Here at Transcription City, offer professional proofreading and editing services for writers who want to add that extra sparkle to their final edit and our blog posting services are ideal for clients who don’t have the time to upload new blog posts or articles to their website on a regular basis.

Video Transcription Services for Subtitles and Captions

Video transcription can be used for many different purposes that range from basic interview transcription, to subtitling and captions. Transcripts that contain time codes can be of particular use when it comes to logging rushes and video editing as it allows video editors to find specific parts of their video rushes quickly and effortlessly. This can prove to be extremely cost effective and make the video editing process a lot faster. Captions and subtitles are also a great way to make your videos accessible to those who are deaf or hard of hearing as well as increasing your audience.

Transcription Services for Translations

If you’ve never had a sound or video file transcribed, it may surprise you to know that it is standard practice to first transcribe the audio into the source language and then translate the completed transcript. This allows the translator to spend time on writing a translated version that is as accurate and easy to read as possible. So if you have a audio or video file that you need to have translated, you may find that having the transcript available for the translation company will actually save you money on your translation.

Transcription Services for Historical Data

Have you ever watched an old home movie or listened to an old audio recording? If you have, it won’t surprise you to know that old recordings tend to diminish in quality as the years pass. Even with the best audio or video cleaning software, it can be impossible to restore old recordings to their original quality. Alongside producing digital copies of historical sound and video recordings is often advisable to get these types of file transcribed, as an additional means of preserving the content and this can also apply to your own recordings. For instance, we would happily transcribe your best man speech or other important life events, so that you and your loved ones can cherish them forever.
So as you can see, using a transcription service isn’t all about interviews and focus groups! If you can think of any other interesting forms of transcription, why not leave us a comment below?
If you would like to know more about the transcription services we offer, including any discounts we are currently running or would like a free no obligation quote, why not get in touch? We are available seven days a week and are always happy to help.

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