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Transcription for Historical Data

Transcription for Historical Documents, Audio and Video Files

A vast amount of human knowledge and progress is down to the fact that we are able to record and learn from historical information. For example, I make a mean Mac and Cheese not because I invented the recipe, but simply because the knowledge of how to make it, was passed on to me. Historical information, once learnt can be improved, modified or simply left as is for everyone to enjoy. Preservation of historical data (whether it be documents, audio or video files) is essential for progress and learning. However,

We Preserve Historical Documents and Data
We Preserve Historical Documents and Data

even something as simple as an old letter or childhood video can be just as important to you or your loved ones for sentimental reasons.

Transcription for Historical Documents and Data

Here at Transcription City, we can preserve important historical data by transcribing what was said in audio or video files. We are also able to copy type information from important historical documents such as books, newspapers, diaries, journals or whatever else you may have. This will help preserve important information in a digital form that can then be easily shared, without risk of damaging the original source of the information. We have a team of specialist transcriptionists who are used to working with historical files, who is overseen by an account manager who spent many years as an archivist working for a variety of institutions.

Conversion Services from Hard Copy to Digital

Not only are we able to transcribe historical data; but we are also happy to provide you with digital copies of videos (VHS, DVD etc.) or audio (cassette tapes, records, CD’s) as we convert all files to a digital format in order to transcribe them.
We are happy to assist a variety of clients with their historical documents, including Institutions, Universities, Museums and private clients to ensure that important information can be passed on, enjoyed and learned from, in many generations to come.
If you are interested in our historical transcription services or would like to know more about our copy typing services or virtual assistant services, why not get in touch. We’re around 7 days per week and are always happy to help.

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