Transcription Quotes Part One

June 19, 2014 Samantha

If you have an audio or video recording that you would like to have transcribed, chances are that you will want to shop around to get the best quote before sending your audio or video file for transcription. However, when selecting a transcription services provider, it is very important that you know exactly what type of transcription you require and the type of file that you are sending, as this will affect the cost of your transcription.

Transcription Rates

I need a transcription quote and I’m scared!

To make things easier, I have divided the pricing structure that most transcription companies use in to two posts – Type of Audio and Video to be Transcribed and Transcription Style. Both of these will affect the price of your transcripts and it is important to be transparent with your chosen transcription company in order to get an accurate transcription quote before going ahead.

Type of Audio or Video to be Transcribed

Multiple Speaker Transcription

Most transcription companies will charge extra for transcribing multiple speaker audio files (this includes focus group transcription and group interview transcription). Multiple speaker audio and video files are harder to transcribe because they generally always contain more over speaking, background noise and are generally rowdier than one to one interviews. If you require individual speakers to be identified in your transcript, you will generally be charged per speaker – so do let your transcription company know the number of speakers in an audio file before sending – this will ensure that the transcript is as accurate as possible. Please note that it is very difficult to identify between 10 speakers with audio only, so where possible it is always advisable to record multiple speaker events on video for transcription.

Urgent Transcription

Your required transcription turnaround will affect the price of your transcripts. For instance, a transcript that need to be returned within four hours will always be more expensive than a transcript that can be returned within a week. It is always important to let your chosen transcription services provider know the exact deadline for your transcripts to be delivered (this will avoid disappointment and may reduce the cost of your transcripts).

Low Quality Audio Transcription

Low quality audio and video files take much longer to transcribe than standard or broadcast quality audio and video files. This is because your chosen transcription company will often have to first clean up the audio, then repetitively listen to the audio to transcribe it and finally have your transcript carefully proofread. This also applies to audio and video recordings where the speakers are not conversing in their mother tongue language. It is important to note that low quality audio and video recordings will produce a lower quality final transcript – and cost more (even with all the extra time and effort taken to improve the sound quality).

Hard Copy Transcription and Transcription from Online Videos

Audio and video files that are sent as hard copies take longer to transcribe because they first need to be converted to either an online or digital copy before they can be loaded on to our transcription software and typed up by the transcriptionist. Similarly, online videos can be difficult to download at times (depending on the video hosting site your are streaming from) as some video hosting sites do not have a download option and need to be recorded manually in order to be transcribed. The extra time taken on these tasks will often result in a higher cost of transcription.

Medical and Technical Transcription

Technical and medical transcription must be undertaken by a typist who has experience and expertise in the subject matter being discussed or dictated. Technical and medical transcripts will almost always require additional research and proofreading to ensure accuracy and therefore are generally charged at a higher rate.

Transcription and Translation

Transcribing audio from one language to another (audio translation) is more expensive than same language transcription.

If you would like to know more about the various transcription services we provide (including translation services, stenography, court reporting and video transcription) why not get in touch? We only use accurate and experienced transcriptionists, who are hand chosen depending on your transcription needs and requirements.



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