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Transcription City Ltd Appointed to ‘Languages Services’ Framework by KCS Procurement Services

For Immediate Release

Transcription City LTD, a leading provider of translation and transcription services, is proud to announce its appointment to the ‘Languages Services’ framework administered by KCS Procurement Services, wholly owned by Kent County Council. This framework extends nationwide and offers a full range of language services.

“This framework represents an exciting opportunity for Transcription City to bridge communication gaps and make content universally accessible while forging new partnerships”

Samuel Lee-Bapty – COO of Transcription City.

“We are delighted to have launched our new Language Services framework, which has been created to help support public sector organisations across the UK. Our framework experts have undertaken a stringent tender process to award to the successful suppliers and we are pleased that Transcription City is one of our new partners. We look forward to creating a long last relationship with Transcription City and working collaboratively to support the needs of the UK public sector.” 

Tarryn Kerr – Director of KCS Procurement Services

Established in 2011, Transcription City is a family owned and operated business providing transcription, translation, subtitling, live captioning, and note taking services with a focus on promoting accessibility. Their aim is to deliver language services with unparalleled precision, reliability, and accessibility.

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For more information, please contact:

Samantha Lee-Bapty


Transcription City

0208 8168584

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Bridging Communication Gaps: The Comprehensive Services of Transcription City

Multilingual Transcription for a Borderless World

The ability to communicate in multiple languages is a strategic advantage that businesses and institutions keenly seek. Multilingual transcription is more than just a service; it’s a key that unlocks the door to new demographics, potential customers, and untapped markets.

Why It Matters on the Global Stage

The importance of multilingual transcription cannot be overstated. In the boardroom, it provides an equitable platform for international team members to contribute to the conversation. The classroom, it fosters an inclusive environment where language barriers do not hinder learning. In the world of media, it transforms content. Be it movies, podcasts, or documentaries, into a universal language accessible to a global audience.

Business and Institutional Benefits

For businesses, multilingual transcription opens the floodgates to global SEO, a vital tool in the digital age. Academic institutions benefit from improved language accessibility for their content, which is invaluable for international students. The medical and legal sectors particularly benefit, as precision in communication can be a matter of life and death or justice served.

Translation Services That Go the Extra Mile

Translation lies at the heart of efficient communication, ensuring that the essence of a message is reflected faithfully across languages. Beyond converting words, Transcription City offers a suite of translation services that cater to various media and formal documents.

Audio and Video Translation

The team specialised in translating spoken content from one language to another, capturing not just the literal meaning but also the cultural nuances that can significantly alter the context. This service is instrumental in breaking down language barriers in entertainment, education, and corporate communications.

Document Translation and Interpreting

For more formal correspondence, Transcription City’s document translation and interpreting services are the gold standard. Whether it’s legal paperwork, medical documents, or technical manuals, the team ensures that concepts are accurately presented in the chosen target language, abiding by professional standards and practices.

Accessibility Services—Empowering All Audiences

Transcription City is not just about translation and transcription; it is about making content truly accessible. Their accessibility services are designed to cater to every individual, regardless of their ability or preferred method of communication.

Closed Captioning and Subtitling

The provision of closed captioning and subtitles is pivotal in reaching out to those who are deaf or hard of hearing. It is also popular among those learning a new language, as it provides a scaffold of words to bolster comprehension.

Sign Language Services

In a commendable display of inclusivity, Transcription City also provides British Sign Language (BSL) services, ensuring that live events and videos are accessible to the hearing-impaired community. This observance of diversity in communication is a testament to Transcription City’s commitment to equality.

Note-Taking for Businesses and Disabled Students

In environments where a great deal of information is exchanged, such as conferences, business meetings, or academic lectures, note-taking serves as an invaluable aid to memory and comprehension. For disabled students, note-taking can be a challenge, which is where Transcription City steps in, offering personalized note-taking services.


Serving a Diverse Clientele

Transcription City’s extensive client base speaks volumes about the universality of their services. From business tycoons who conduct multinational affairs to the law enforcers and policymakers who safeguard their communities, Transcription City’s clientele is as diverse as the services they provide.

Business Owners Reaching for the Global Dream

For entrepreneurial ventures eyeing international expansion, the services of Transcription City present a clear pathway to success. By ensuring that business communications are clear and nuanced in any language, Transcription City turns linguistic complexities into competitive advantages.

Institutional Excellence Through Clear Communication

In the realm of academia, medicine, research, and law, precision in communication is non-negotiable. Transcription City assists institutions in maintaining this precision, adhering to industry-specific jargon and high standards in accuracy and confidentiality.

Government and Police—Aim for Clarity

In the sensitive domains of government and law enforcement, catching every detail can mean the difference between a safe society and one fraught with risks. With their transcription and translation services, Transcription City aids in clear communication and precise understanding, fostering a productive and just environment.

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Real-World Success Stories

The best testimony to the effectiveness of services is often provided by those who have benefited from them. Through a series of case studies, we’ll explore real-world scenarios where Transcription City has facilitated success through effective communication.

Boosting International Sales with Multilingual Content

Case in point—global sales figures saw a substantial boost for a leading consumer goods manufacturer after they adopted multilingual content across their marketing materials and sales pitches. By leveraging Transcription City’s expertise, the company entered new markets with confidence, speaking the language of their consumers.

Enabling Cross-Border Collaborations in Research

In another instance, a groundbreaking research project brought together top minds from various countries. Transcription City’s multilingual transcription services ensured that the exchange of ideas was seamless, laying the foundation for a successful collaborative effort that led to impactful discoveries.

Contact —Transcription City, Where Every Word Counts

In a world teeming with a multitude of voices, Transcription City stands out as the conduit of clarity. Their comprehensive approach to transcription and translation services not only streamlines business operations and institutional communications but also upholds the rights to accessibility for all. By availing oneself of Transcription City’s offerings, one ensures that the voice of their message resonates far and wide, unshackled by the limits of language or ability.

Content creation and consumption trends are continually evolving, and as they do, the necessity for clear and accessible communication becomes even more profound. By choosing Transcription City, businesses and institutions empower themselves with the linguistic tools required to thrive in a diverse and dynamic world. After all, communication is the lifeline that sustains every relationship, and with Transcription City, it is in secure, capable hands.

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