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If you’re considering using video subtitling or closed captioning services and/or subtitle translations, here are some tips on things to check up with your transcription and translation and/or subtitle service company before going ahead with any work, so you can be sure that you get the best possible service for your project.

Video Transcription Services and Translation Services
Video Transcription Services and Translation Services

Subtitle and Translation Expertise

Writing high quality subtitles and closed captions is a long, drawn out process. Time codes need to be accurate to as little as 100th of a second to look right when displayed on your videos. It’s important when outsourcing your subtitle work to a transcription company that the company has a proven track record in writing subtitles and it can also be a great idea to ask for a sample before going ahead with any work. Similarly, with translations, a translator will use the time codes provided in the original .SRT subtitle file to translate from and so any mistakes in timing can become large mistakes during the translation process, so be sure to check your chosen company is experienced also in subtitle translations.

Subtitle and Translation Specialisms

When using transcription services, clients often will ask if there are specific typists that work within a given sector or topic, for example, specialising in medical transcription. Specialisms are so important when hiring a translator in receiving back a high quality translation of your subtitles. Translators translate INTO their mother tongue language, and may find it hard to understand any jargon in the source language if it is not jargon within their specialist field. This is why it’s so crucial for translation companies to have such a high number of translators on their books, to cover every sector and specialism.

Subtitle and Translation Accuracy

High quality subtitles need to be accurate in terms of timing and spelling. Subtitle translations need to be accurate not only in terms of spelling and timing, but also in grammar and sentence structure. It can be very hard to spot any mistakes in a translation if you do not speak the language which you are reading. Good translation companies hire proofreaders to double check over every subtitle or closed caption translation they provide, so check that your chosen company provides this service. Even if you pay an extra fee for it, it can be worth it.

Subtitle and Translation Turnaround Times

Subtitling and closed captioning turnaround times can be longer than those for standard transcriptions and translation turnaround times can be even longer, due to time zone differences and the requirement of extra proofreaders, etc. Be sure to leave enough time when you are using subtitle translation services to receive back the highest quality transcript.
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