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Legal Transcription Services and Law Enforcement

There are many different sectors and industries that can benefit from using transcription and the legal sector is no exception. Legal transcription comes in many forms from court reporting, to PACE interview transcription, forensic science transcription and even transcription of emergency calls; the list is almost endless! With that in mind, let’s look at some of the things you should consider when contacting transcription companies for legal transcription services.

Legal transcription services
It’s an emergency. I need a good transcription company!

Confidential Transcription Services

Legal transcription companies will deal with material that is both confidential and contains highly sensitive information that must be kept secure. It is extremely important when selecting a transcription service that you use a company that is registered with the Data Protection Act and uses secure file upload and delivery, that is HIPAA compliant. It is also advisable to request a confidentiality agreement to be supplied or for you to supply your own if preferred.

Accurate Transcription Services

Legal transcripts are often used in court as part of a body of evidence for this reason, it is recommended that legal transcripts are typed in strict verbatim, by experienced legal transcriptionists, possessing the highest levels of competence and attention to detail. It is also prudent that you ask your transcription company for a second proofreading service for transcripts that are intended for use as evidence.

Reliable Transcription Services

Whatever the deadline of your transcripts, it is important to find a legal transcription service that is reliable and will deliver your transcripts on time, every time. Finding a reliable transcription service may be tricky, so it is worth contacting several transcription companies and asking them what their policies are on late deliveries

Legal Transcription Industries

There is an almost endless number of industries that will require legal transcription services at some point. When selecting a legal transcription company, ask them to match you with a legal transcriptionist that has relevant experience. For instance, a transcriptionist with PACE interview experience, may not have the right experience to transcribe a medico-legal (or forensic evidence) report. This is also true of transcriptionist who regularly transcribes fraud interviews, trying to transcribe a piece of evidence recorded on an iPhone during a crime scene. Ensure that your transcription services provider matches you with a transcriptionist most suited to your audio or video evidence.

Court Reporting and Stenography

Court reporters are similar to legal transcriptionists in that they transcribe what has been said. However, a court reporter will attend a court proceeding or venue to produce a first draft written account of what has transpired by the end of the session. Then a second final draft verbatim transcript at deadline agreed beforehand.

Legal Translation

As with legal transcription legal translation must be undertaken by a individuals who possess the relevant experience, as well as superior language skills (knowledge of technical jargon, regional laws, etc.). Legal translators can translate legal documents (such as contracts, agreements, etc.) and legal transcripts. A legal translator who attends court to translate in real time is often referred to as an interpreter and must have many years experience and a high level of linguistic skill, both the source language and the language they are translating into.
Finding the right transcription company can take the stress out of an otherwise stressful situation. Professional legal transcription services can save time and money by helping resolve legal issues quickly and without additional disputes that may otherwise arise from lack of substantial evidence.
If you would like to know more about our legal transcription services or would like us to quote for an interview or video transcription, why not get in touch today? Our friendly and professional team is ready and waiting for your call or email and ready to help.

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