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Legal Transcription, Translation and Court Reporting

Legal transcription comes in many forms; from a disciplinary interview transcription to court reporting for a case in the high courts. We have the skills and experience to meet your needs. With that in mind, here are just some of the legal transcription services we can provide.

Legal transcription, translation and court reporting
Legal Transcription, Translation and Court Reporting.

Forensic Transcription

Forensic transcription takes a high level of accuracy, skill and experience to do properly and can be one of the most challenging forms of transcription. This is because it demands an extremely accurate, complete, strict verbatim transcript. Forensic transcripts are often typed from recordings that are low quality and this is due to the circumstances under which they were produced (e.g. a covert recording taken without the speakers knowledge). Forensic transcription should always be proofread independently from the transcriptionist. Transcripts such as these are often used in court, alongside the recording in order to help a jury and court understand and evaluate the evidence more clearly.

PACE Transcription and Legal Interviews

PACE transcripts (Police and criminal evidence interviews) are often used to support and give a more in-depth understanding of existing evidence in court cases and other legal proceedings. As these transcripts are used as part of evidence, it is important that every utterance is transcribed and independently proofread. It is also imperative that all transcripts, audio and video files are handled securely and confidentially (with password protection and secure transit). Time coding and visual descriptions (for video transcripts) are sometimes also required.

Legal Document Transcription

Legal documents such as contracts, reports, agreements, correspondents, interviews, investigations and pleadings can all be produced via dictation and recordings. Depending on the type of document produced, these can either be transcribed using strict verbatim, intelligent verbatim or edited transcription. Formatting, layout and presentation can also be added or amended (depending on the clients requirements). Copy typing of handwritten notes/evidence and PDF conversion (to an editable form) is also a useful form of legal documentation services.

Legal Translation and Transcription

Legal transcripts and legal documentation sometimes needs to be translated from one language into another. Audio, video and documents can be translated from the source language, into other single or multiple languages. This can be invaluable for bilingual or multiple language cases; an interpreter will often attend court cases or formal legal proceeding in these instances (which can also be transcribed).

Court Transcription

Court transcription or court reporting requires a trained and experienced court reporter (sometimes referred to as a stenographer) to attend court or formal legal proceeding in order to produce either real time or daily transcripts. Court reporters must be formally qualified, trained and have many years experience for this role. If you would like to know more about our legal transcription services, legal document services or legal translation services why not get in touch? We have a range of transcription styles, turnaround times and services to meet your needs. We only use experienced transcriptionists, translators and court reporters to ensure that you get a high quality, accurate and timely service each and every time. Here’s a useful website about court reporting.

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