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iPhone Audio and Video Transcription (Part Two: Video)

In part one, we looked at some of the ways that you can improve the sound quality of videos recorded on your iPhone, smartphone, iPad or tablet. In part two we are going to look at the visual aspect of your video and ways that you can improve picture quality. You may wonder why a transcription company would be concerned about the visual aspect of your videos – but having a clear picture can prove extremely useful in a number of ways. For instance, during a conference, the typist will be able to see any visual displays and presentations, which may contain additional information (thus reducing the need for additional online research).

video transcription
Make life easy with a high quality video on your iPhone!

Video also allows the typist to more easily identify and label individual speakers in large groups or meetings. It is also useful to remember that the additional visual information and cues contained within your video can be used for visual analysis  we find this can be useful for video production companies working with video rushes and for healthcare professionals such as psychologists and psychiatrists.
Let’s go through some of the most common iPhone video problems, and then some possible solutions.

Video Stabilization

Although shaky video can be helped by various different apps and can also be reduced using video editing software; the best way to reduce or eliminate a shaky video is to place the camera on a stable surface or use a tripod. There are many different types of tripod available for iPhones and mobile devices, (we recommend flexible tripods for iPhones) but one of our favourites was the Steadicam for iPhone as it allows the user to stay on the move whilst filming a jitter free video. These can be found easily on retail sites such as Amazon and eBay.

Video and Extra Lenses

If you wish to add variety to your iPhone or mobile device videos, then extra lenses can allow you to shoot a more professional looking video and provide more versatility for closeups, wideshots and nice range of other visual effects. The great thing about many of these lenses is that they often are able to work with a range of different mobile devices. Simply choose between wide angle lens, macro lens, fish eye lens or telephoto lens – or of course, give them all a try!

Video and Additional Lighting

Trying to film a high quality video with poor lighting is a lot like trying to record a good audio file in a noisy airport! Generally speaking, if you are filming in daylight or in a well lit area, you won’t need additional lighting. However, if you are filming outside at dusk or late at night, then additional lighting is recommended.

Video, Rig Systems and Lens Adapters

Depending on how much extra gear you want to add to your iPhone or mobile device, you may need a rig system to attach everything needed. There are a number of different lens adapters/rigs available, some designed for specific mobile devices only and others are more universal. We suggest you you’re your choice depending on what device or devices you usually use to make your videos, how many accessories you use and what specific features you’re looking for.

Video Extras

Along with all of the above, there are also additional devices that you can purchase for making great videos on your mobile these range from airborne drones, mounts on wheels, waterproof cases and even cameras that can film in all directions!
So there you have it a very general guide to shooting great videos on your iPhone or mobile device!
If you would like more information about our video transcription services, transcription services or how to ensure you record a clear audio/video file for transcription, why not get in touch today? We are available 7 days a week and are always happy to help!

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