Foreign Language Subtitling Services and Captioning Services

Here at Transcription City, we provide a range of foreign language subtitling services to meet your needs and requirements. We can work with a wide variety of languages and language combinations to ensure that you videos can be subtitled in the languages of your choice, no matter what the source language or target language happens to be.

Video transcription, Foreign Language Subtitling Services

Our Video Transcription Services for Subtitles

The first step when creating a high quality subtitle file is a professional and accurate transcript. This should always be produced by an experienced transcriptionist, who is familiar with the type of content they are transcribing (whether it be medical, legal, technical or academic). When transcribing for closed captions for the deaf and hard of hearing, our video transcriptionists are fully trained to include all non verbal cues that are relevant to plot development, as well as inclusion of out of sight sounds, and noises. They will also include the correct fonts (as specified by the client) to indicate off camera speech and square brackets for descriptions. This will then be thoroughly proofread and then be sent to the caption spotter or subtitler for timings and editing.

Subtitle Editing Services

Once the transcript has been loaded on to our subtitling or captioning platform, the timings will be added and checked to ensure they are fully synched with the video they have been produced from. Depending on your needs, the dialogue can be tweaked and edited for maximum readability. Then depending on whether you wanted a caption file or subtitle file, non verbal information would also be added for the deaf and hard of hearing. If you have decided to have your closed captions or open captions styled, the text would also be formatted, coloured, sized and positioned according to your needs. When it comes to closed captions for deaf and hearing impaired viewers, closed caption formatting is especially important to ensure an optimum viewing experience.

Our Translators and Foreign Language Subtitling Services

Once you are happy with the subtitles in your source language, we can then begin to produce your subtitles in a range of languages depending on where you are planning to distribute your videos. Foreign language subtitles will be translated, edited and timed to ensure maximum readability for your target audience. This is great for accessibility and for search engine optimisation.

Our translators are fully experienced when it comes to providing expert foreign language subtitling services and so will ensure that each subtitle lines are the correct length and duration for optimimum readability. They will also ensure that each line makes sense (sometimes meaning slightly altering the final subtitle lines to perfection. Our linguists will fully localise terms and expressions to ensure that the dialogue remains interesting and coherent with the local dialect and will use the correct encoding to avoid textual errors or ‘weird symbols’ from appearing in your subtitles.

Our Foreign Language Subtitles and Online Subtitle File Formats

The most popular and widely used subtitle files are either .srt or .vtt subtitle files. However, we also provide many other subtitle file formats.

Such as

VTT – Video Text Tracks (also known a WebVTT)

SRT – Sub Station Alpha

iTunes – itt

SMPTE – Timed Text XML

XML – Timed Text

STL – Spruce Subtitle File

SAMI – Windows Media

Please feel free to email, call or message us if you need more information about any of our foreign language subtitling services, online captioning services, video transcription services, transcription services, translation services or typing services. Here’s some useful information about subtitling services and how to We are available around the clock 7 days a week to help.

We look forward to connecting with you and making video accessible to all!