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October 5, 2013 Samantha

Document Formatting Services

Here at Transcription City, we are know for our expert transcription services, what you might not have realised is that we also have a wide range of other virtual assistant and secretarial services to aid your company or business productivity.

One of our most popular services is document formatting. We can design Word layouts for your documents (RTF, TXT and PDF), edit and format current Word documents that you have or fix any technical problems that you may be experiencing. You can use our document formatting services in line with our copy typing services to get your documents just how you want them. Here’s some of the things that our document formatting services includes.

Document Problem Solving Services

If you send us your Word documents, we can fix any formatting problems you are currently experiencing, just let us know the details and we can do the rest! Some of the most common issues include page numbering, numbered lists, hyperlinks, lines and drawing alignment, malfunctions with mail merges and macros. If you tell us what errors or issues you are experiencing we can help. Just send us your documents and we can be sure to correct any problems you have.

Page Number Issues

If you decided you take advantage of our Word document formatting services, we can edit your page numbers to whichever style or format you choose. For example, if you don’t want your page numbers to start on the first page, we can edit your document for them to start where you choose. We can also edit the style of your page numbers and incorporate logos, etc, to improve the look of your Word document.

Header and Footer Design and Amendments

We can insert headers and footers onto your Word document, in specific sections if you choice, or throughout your document. We can design headers and footers to match your company style or logo to make your documents look more professional. We are even happy to research your company website to find the best fit and layout to match.

Document Layout Services

Word document layouts can be formatted. We can change and amend indents, margins, spacing, etc. to be consistent across your document. Anyone who works in an office probably has a basic knowledge of Word and can write up a document to look correct, but often, short cuts are used; using the enter key to add vertical space, or spacebar to indent language. This may not cause too much of a problem if you are just looking to read a document, but what about if you need to insert something or are going to send your file to a client? If a document is formatted correctly to begin with, alignments should not be out of whack when edits are made, which is a common problem for the casual or even intermediate Microsoft Word user.

Amending Document Contents, Hyperlinks, Footnotes, Bibliography and Comments

There are technical ways to add footnotes, hyperlinks, contents, etc on Word. If a contents page is written manually, many amendments will need to be made if page numbers change following additions. By using our Word formatting services, we can fix your contents pages, so they are hyperlinked to the appropriate sections and you can simply use F9 to update the information in the contents page if amendments are made and your page numbers change.

Document Design Services

We can provide basic document design services to match any documents you have to your company styles and logos. This includes designing headers and footers, title pages, watermarks, page colours, borders and themes. We can send back your designed document layout as a template for you to integrate with existing documents. This is a great service if you are looking to update your company branding and aren’t looking forward to the long slog of redesigning your documents.

Document Formatting Services Saves Time

We can create mail merges for you, and also create macros for you to use in your existing and new documents to save you time, and hence, money. We can create templates for you to write different documents, including contracts, articles, brochures, newsletters, emails, etc, to save you time.


If you would like more information on our document formatting services, virtual assistant or transcription services, why not get in touch today? We have a team of secretaries and virtual assistants with the skill set and experience that suits you and we’re always happy to help.



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