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Caption and Subtitling Services

Subtitle and Caption Transcription

Did you know that it is the law to have captions to accompany web videos that have previously been aired on TV?
Closed captions, open captions and subtitles can be used not only to cater to viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing, but they can also be translated into virtually any language to ensure that your videos appeal to all viewers wherever they are, no matter what language they speak.
Having subtitles to accompany your online videos can really give your company the edge when it comes to reaching a wider and more diverse audience. Not only that, it’s great for SEO, helping you to rise way above the competition in terms of rankings.
Whether you are a client looking to have subtitles added to you videos or are simply looking expand your audience through the use of subtitles and captions, there are some key facts you may need to consider.

Costs of Subtitles for Clients

Costs for subtitles and closed caption transcription are higher than general video transcription, due to the time required and the specialist nature of the work.

Subtitle Quality for Clients

Clients can order samples of both .srt and .ssa files from transcription companies to ensure the work is of a high standard and the subtitles are perfectly in sync with the video.

Subtitle Suitability and House Styles for Clients

When ordering subtitles, you will need to know exactly what is best for your videos. You can request certain colours to designate a change of speaker, or define maximum number of characters per line or frame for your subtitles or closed captions. For closed captions, you can also give your transcription company pointers about the level of detail and description you would prefer. For instance, you may require simple subtitles for translation purposes or detailed captioning, for viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Video and Subtitle Formats for Clients

Transcription City are able to work with a wide range of video and subtitle formats. Most formats are supported. Clients should research which format they would best like, to suit their requirements before ordering subtitle services or closed captioning services.
If you are interested in getting your videos transcribed, you need professional subtitling or captioning service or would like more information about some of the transcription services that we provide, why not contact us today? We are always happy to help!

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