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Accurate Transcription Services

At Transcription City, we pride ourselves on our high levels experience and industry knowledge. We provide accurate transcription for audio and video files. Our proofreaders check our completed transcripts. We ensure that our transcripts are both accurate and contain the tone and nuances of the original recording.

If you need a more rapid completion; then our urgent transcription service is the best option. Our experienced and highly trained transcriptionists provide a very fast turnaround but embed accuracy throughout. This includes turnarounds in as little as four hours and also same day and next day transcription services. Please ensure you book beforehand to ensure that we have people on standby for you.

Transcriptionist typing a transcript. Accurate transcription services. Transcription services.

Proofreading Services for Accurate Transcription

We also offer an independent proofreading service for clients who want an experienced and qualified proofreader to listen to the entire audio or video file alongside the transcript and make corrections in the dialogue where needed. This service is especially useful when the requirement is for an extremely accurate transcript.

Stenography Services and Live Captioning

Stenographers undergo many years of training before working with us. Stenography is a form of shorthand, that allows for typing speeds that are as fast as speech. The majority of our stenographers are from a legal background, working mainly in courts. However, stenography is increasingly also used across many different industries. Stenographers now make meetings, events and entertainment even more accessible. Of course this also ensures the most accurate transcription possible. Examples are live captioning for theatre shows and live events (with captions displayed onscreen). It is also a great option for Zoom and Microsoft Teams or other online meeting platforms, where participants need text to be displayed on screen alongside the speech. For the most accurate transcription when using a stenographer, we need proof-read transcripts after the event.

If you would like more information about our transcription services, translation services and our accuracy levels or are looking for fast transcription services or a stenographer to attend your event in person, please get in touch. We are open seven days a week and welcome enquiries. We also provide typing services

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