Transcription services, translation services, subtitling services, closed captioning services, live captioning services and note taking services.

Voice Over Services and Translation Services

Here at Transcription City, we offer a range of lingual services, including translation services, multilingual transcription services, video dubbing, voice over services and subtitling services. We also offer website localisation and website translation services. If you would like more information on these please contact us.

Voice over services, website localisation, website localization, translation services, transcription services, note taking services, subtitling services

Our Translation Services Team – Voice Over Services

When it comes to voice over services, we can take you from the very beginnings of your video production project, right through to the end. This includes video transcription in the source language, video subtitling (if required), video captioning and video translation. We can then offer a huge variety when it comes to your voice over artist, sending you options for a range of speakers; this includes male or female speakers and your choice of one or several languages. Just send us your videos and we provide a tailor made, bespoke voice over services.

Our Translation Team – Website Localisation and How to Frighten People with a Cup of Tea.

It is travelling time again. That is when the pocket French comes out and when my husband buys yet another German phrasebook to take onto our trip to see my family and friends. Yet he never uses them, because most of them speak English so well that they find it easy to have the conversation completely in English and are thrilled that they can practice it once again. We have a long line of never used German phrasebooks at home. Sad.

But what goes beyond the simple learning of a language is to learn about another country’s customs and traditions when it comes to food. As well as working as a transcriptionist and translator, I also work as a tourist guide in London on a tour that specialises in typical British food and drink and its history. I do the tours in English, often for American visitors, or in German for well, Germans, Austrians and Swiss travellers. I therefore often tell foreign tourists about Sunday Roasts and Yorkshire puddings. And I have often have to destroy stereotypical perceptions Britishness, such as that the majority of Brits does not meticulously celebrate the 5 o’clock tea ceremony, but instead slaves in an office until 5.30pm before heading home to make dinner. 

But working as a translator and being bilingual, I also bring an awareness of how things are done differently in Britain. For example, I once asked for a jug of milk to come with my Assam tea in a German Café, only to be met with the look by the waitress that clearly spelled out “You weirdo”. Germans drink their black tea with a slice of lemon, you see, how strange is that? But you can instil even more horror if you announce to them that in Britain potatoes are not always peeled for cooking or roasting. For Germans and their cleanliness that means that if you leave the skin on a potato, you are eating a bucket load of soil and all its micro-contents, no matter how much you scrub that potato beforehand. ‘But what about potato wedges?’, I hear you scream, ‘they have the skins on and Germans do love them!’. Yes, they do. But the paradox on that is completely lost on them, I am afraid. Lost in translation, I guess, as well. And in food.

Voice Over Services, Website Localisation and more!

If you would like assistance with voice over services, website localisation, note taking services, transcription services, translation services, subtitling services or video captioning services, why not get in touch with us today? We are available seven days a week and always happy to help.

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