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Here at Transcription City, we pride ourselves in providing high quality, accurate and timely translation services and transcription services for a number of sectors and industries using only experienced and qualified translators and typists. We are able to provide document translation services, subtitling services, video and audio transcription or translation in a wide range of languages to meet almost any deadline. We have a number of translation experts who can help you meet your translation needs, while adhering to a tight deadline.

Translation Experts – Are you Bilingual?

Living in a bilingual household is both exciting as well as quite daunting at times. Learning and speaking another language is brilliant and when you get to the point where you are really fluent. It gets even better, and better still, when you reach the point that you consider yourself bilingual. That is when you are not translating in your head anymore, when everything just comes out naturally and automatically. That is when you understand a language so much, that you can follow any television programmes as if they were in your native language. The feeling is quite incredible. Even better it is when you meet someone that has the same level of speaking and understanding another language that you have. Some years ago I lived in a flat share with two girls from the same country as me, having lived in Britain for as long as I did. We met at the university we were all studying at the time. And we moved in together. There the word bilingual’ got a different meaning yet again. Yes, we were able to switch between both languages in an instant and without thinking. And we did that when we had friends around, talking to each other in our own language and to anybody else in English, by only turning our head towards a different person. But the slightly funny, yet very interesting thing, was when we talked about university stuff. Because as much as we talked to each other in our own language, when it came to tutorial’ or essays’, we would always use the English words and phrases for this. Right in the middle of a sentence in our own language.

Strange how brains work. These days I am also living in a bilingual household, where I speak both languages with my children. My husband does not speak much of my language, so when we are all four together we speak English. But here the thing happens the other way around: we use words from my language in the middle of an otherwise completely English sentence. And my husband does too. He has learned certain words in my language and when we communicate as a family, he will use only this version, although the rest is English only. It has also happened that we have translated phrases from my language just verbally, without making any sense in English, but using it just if it was totally clear in English. This is very funny at times, if you understand the phrase of course. It works, although it may not be making much sense to the person walking past us in the street. But then you never know, he might be bilingual too.

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