Transcription City Reviews Testimonials

Corporate Testimonials

Corporate Testimonials

Read some of our most recent transcription services reviews and testimonials from our clients.

“Many thanks for sorting our transcripts so efficiently and quickly. Transcription City are so helpful and super speedy!”

Alice Vaughan, Universal

“Thank you for a great service“ fast, reliable and cheap. We will definitely be using you again.”

Giles Winn, Editor, Murnaghan, Sky News

“We use Transcription City for our weekly Call Clegg phone-ins and our big interviews. Their service is quick, accurate and reliable. From Tuesday 2nd July, we’ll be using them for our new monthly phone-in with the Mayor of London, Ask Boris.”

LBC 97.3

“Twinings loves working with Transcription City“ they are fast, accurate and have common sense when tackling the work they do for us. It’s rare to find a service that is so hassle free and really delivers a good service. We would whole heartedly recommend them.”

Alex Sandover, Twinings

“Fantastic service, incredible value, will use again and have no hesitation in recommending.”

Tom Michaels, Founder of

“We are very pleased with the work you have done on the Policy Manual. Thank you for a job well-done. I have no doubt we will be using your services again.”

Helena Pretorius, Chief Finance Officer at Plane Saver Credit Union Ltd

“Very quick to respond to initial request and a very, very impressive turn around. I will definitely be using transcription city again!”

Laura Gilbert, Marketing Co-ordinator at SDL

“Over the last few weeks we have been really swamped with work. My secretary normally laps up the challenge but on Friday afternoon I could see she had well and truly had enough- and we still have not got last month’s bills out yet!

On Saturday morning I had a brain wave- what about I dictate my reports in the normal way and then instead of waiting until Monday for my secretary to begin typing them up, I could send them to a transcription service. I looked on the net and saw a good few services on offer. One caught my eye“ Transcription City in the UK. They promised a service tailored to the needs of business. Their web site also showed a human quality and a sense of humour with photos of their boxer dog illustrated in the web site blog.

The work turned out to be a bit more complicated then I first envisaged and I ended up sending to Transcription City, via their web site, 3 work packages to make into reports and a normal audio file for straight transcription.

Sunday morning I got up early to go walking with my mate and there in my email inbox was my work. While I was asleep, Transcription City turned my mix of dictation, scanned scribble and data in excel tables into 3 fantastic reports! Even better they did not charge me and arm and a leg.”

Steve Connelly, Consulting Town Planner. Lennox Head, Australia

“Thank you for your prompt and professional service, with a faster turnaround time than I requested. I will definitely contact you when I have more interviews to transcribe.”

Jane Lawson, Director, DailyStep English, The Daily Step

“They are always around whenever we need them. They provide an excellent transcription service and always finish work on time and to a very high standard.”

Michael Wood, Director at Oranwood Ltd

“A swift, professional service, performed by helpful, courteous staff.”

Victor Schonfeld, Beyond the Frame Ltd