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Interpreting Services and Best Practice

When looking for the best translation company to provide interpreting services, we have some tips to find the best service.

Language Specialisation and Interpreting Services

It is important that the company you decide to use has experience and expertise in your niche or industry. This is important and will have a direct effect on the accuracy and quality of the interpreting service provided.

Interpreters Experience and Training

Look for translation companies with a strong reputation in the translation industry. A good reputation partly depends on the length of time the company has been established. A good reputation built overtime is a great gauge of quality. Accreditations can also help you choose the quality of the translations.

Company Reviews and Testimonials

Client reviews and testimonials provide useful insights into a translation company’s reliability, availability and the quality of translation service. Don’t just look at the ratings, but also check the review text. Reviews can give you insight into the type of service you are likely to be provided with.

Assess Customer Support

Good customer support such as ease of contact, and attention to the scope of work required can indicate commitment to client satisfaction which is crucial,  for complex or ongoing projects.

Four people listening.

Utilising two interpreters for any event longer than 30-60 minutes is essential for several key reasons, particularly when considering the extensive preparation required and the demanding conditions of the task.

Interpretation and Pre-Event Research

Interpreters often invest significant time in preparatory research to familiarise themselves with the subject matter, terminologies, and specific nuances of the event. This preparation adds to the cognitive load before the actual interpreting begins.

Mental Fatigue and Interpretation Services Quality

Interpreting is an intensely demanding cognitive activity, necessitating unwavering focus and concentration. Typically, after around 30 to 60 minutes, an interpreter’s performance can start to wane due to mental exhaustion.

Preparation, Accuracy and Interpreting Services Quality Maintenance

To uphold the accuracy and quality of interpretation, regular intermissions are imperative. With a pair of interpreters, they can alternate, ensuring that the interpretation remains precise and of high calibre throughout the session.

Interpreting and Complexity of Language

Certain languages or dialects pose additional challenges in interpretation. Having two interpreters facilitates mutual support and verification, ensuring intricate or complex linguistic elements are conveyed accurately.

Health and Wellbeing for Interpreters

Continuous interpreting without adequate breaks can lead to health concerns, including vocal strain and cognitive fatigue. Alternating interpreters allows for essential rest periods, safeguarding their overall health and wellbeing.

Professional Interpretation Standards

Professional interpreting services and interpreter organisations across the globe recommend or mandate the use of two interpreters for assignments exceeding a certain duration, as a standard practice to ensure efficacy, quality and to maintain good working conditions.

In essence, employing two interpreters for a booking any longer than an hour is critical to maintain the integrity, precision, and effectiveness of the interpretation, in addition to ensuring the interpreters’ welfare, especially considering the extensive preparatory work and the strenuous nature of the task.





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