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Transcription Services By Industry Part 2

Transcription Services For Your Industry

It’s important to do your research when selecting the right transcription company for your needs. When looking at different transcription companies, you should consider what industries they specialise in and also what other services they may offer, such as data entry, proofreading, editing or subtitling for video. Below are just some of the transcription services that we can provide for you or your company.

Journalism Transcription

In the journalism sector, one of the most sought after traits in a transcription company is the ability to turn around work as fast as possible. Offering urgent interview transcription is something many transcription companies can do, but the prices vary considerably, as do reliability. When choosing a company to carry out your journalism interviews or dictations, be sure to look through testimonials of happy clients within your sector to be sure you will be provided with an adequate service. Also, as you know, interviews in the media sector often take place in cafes, bars or outside areas where the interviewee can feel relaxed. This may make for a pleasant environment for an interview to take place but it’s not ideal for sound quality so be sure of any extra prices your typing services company charges for poor sound quality, and that they have the software and experienced typists to cope with any tougher audio or video files you may have.

Financial and Corporate Transcription

Transcription for the financial and corporate sector is less common than in the medical, legal and property sectors but it does still exist. Most financial audio to be transcribed is in the form of conferences, meetings and executive phone calls. Be sure when outsourcing typing work that you check prices thoroughly for conferences, interviews and meetings. Many typing companies will charge extra for multiple speaker transcription and you don’t want to be caught out unexpectedly with a high bill!

Video Transcription

Most online companies have online videos of some form or another, and it is a legal requirement nowadays that all media be in a format that is accessible to everyone. For this reason, every video needs to come with a transcript so the deaf are able to access the information. Prices vary greatly between Transcription Company to Transcription Company on video transcription, as do delivery methods. Be sure to find a company that can transcribe your YouTube and Vimeo files directly through a link to save you uploading time. This will save you heaps of time and hassle. Also, try to outsource to a typing services company that can also provide time coded transcriptions, subtitles and closed captions in different formats, such as .srt. This will mean if you later decide to use subtitles for your videos, you won’t need to pay twice.

Radio and Television Transcription

Radio and television transcription, like journalistic transcription, is often of an urgent nature. When looking for a transcription company, check prices for urgent turnaround as well as capacity. Some transcription companies will also offer a service (for an extra charge) not only to transcribe but to tape the audio or video for you (if you provide the broadcast time). Though this will come an at extra cost, it is a brilliant time saver!

Focus Group and Research Transcription

Having the right data for your company can mean the difference between a product or project success or failure. One of the best ways of obtaining the information that you need is to conduct consumer research and although questionnaires can be useful, one of the best and most accurate ways of getting the information you need is to conduct focus groups or group interviews. This type of research allows you to gain a much more personal insight into what people want when compared to other means of collecting data. Using the right transcription company for transcribing your group sessions is essential if you want to get an accurate transcript of your focus groups. Focus group transcription is a very specialist form of transcription, as the transcriptionist must be capable of distinguishing between several different speakers and transcribe over speaking and interjection.
If you are interested in using our transcription services for your interviews, videos, focus groups or dictations, why not get in touch today? We have a friendly and experienced team who are always happy to help.


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