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When looking to outsource your audio and video to a transcription company, it’s important to be sure that the company you choose is suitable for all of your needs. Here’s some hints on how to find the perfect transcription and online secretarial company for all of your dictations, interviews, reports and focus group transcriptions. Transcription Services By Industry.

Medical Transcription

If you are a surgery or medical centre looking to outsource your medical dictations to a typing services company, the first thing you need to be sure of is that whoever you choose is registered with the Data Protection Act. Patient files and letters are often of a highly sensitive and personal nature, and security and confidentiality should be of paramount importance when choosing a company with whom to outsource your work. For medical research transcription, confidentiality is also important, and along with this, you will need to consider making sure that the secretary or transcriptionist that carries out your work will be able to keep up with medical developments in your field of specialism in order to assure high and consistent levels of accuracy in your medical transcriptions. It’s preferential when working in the medical sector to have highly qualified experienced secretaries working on your medical dictations, and many typing service companies will offer the chance for you to handpick your secretary by offering CVs for your perusal.

Legal Transcription

Legal transcriptions, like medical files, are often of a highly sensitive nature so once again, confidentiality will be paramount in this sector. Make sure your chosen transcription company is registered with the Data Protection Act and uses a safe and secure file transfer system for work upload and download. Legal companies looking to outsource typing services will need to find a company that has suitably qualified and experienced typists. Also, court hearings and many legal interviews are still recorded on cassette tape, so you will need to consider any costs involved in converting your audio into digital format and finding a typing services company that is local to you if you are looking to transport your tapes via the safest method available: courier.

Property Transcription

In the property sector, homebuyer’s reports, surveys and other property dictations are often required to be typed into specific formats within a given template. For property transcription, it’s crucial to check that your transcription company can type your dictations into your required template and to find a company that hires suitably qualified, experienced staff to type your work. Many companies offer clients the chance to choose their typist by offering anonymised CVs for perusal and this is well worth looking into.

Academic Transcription

Another very popular transcription service that we provide is Academic Transcription. This form of transcription can cover a vast number of topics and subjects and so means that you should ensure that the transcription company that you select has the expertise and knowledge to transcribe your files accurately, by doing the proper research and having the right knowledge to back it up with. It may also be worth checking when choosing between transcription companies if they can offer other services that may be of use to you, such as proofreading and light editing to ensure that your finished project is as perfect as possible.
If you would like more information about our transcription services or would like to obtain a quote, why not contact us today? For Transcription Services By Industry we have a team of experienced transcriptionists who are available 7 days a week and are always happy to help!

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