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Transcription Services – Being a Transcriptionist

What is a transcriptionist?

The main role of a transcriptionist is converting speech into a written script. They have to listen to an audio file, often sent by a client as MP3, WAV, CD or other format, and type the speech into a document. After it has been proof-read, the document is then returned to the client, either by email or via a file transfer programme such as Dropbox.
Typically, a successful transcriptionist will possess advanced word processing skills and a good typing speed. In addition to this, a transcriptionist will utilise their research skills, for example when clarifying subject matter on the internet. Background knowledge in foreign languages, medical, legal or media areas is particularly useful as is the ability to transcribe multiple speaker audio and video files.

What kind of work does transcription work entail?

There are a wide range of tasks a transcriptionist will face on a daily basis. Here at Transcription City, our skilled typists transcribe a variety of video and audio files. Many of our clients are in media, and work will range from short radio interviews through to full-length television and film productions, as well as podcast transcriptions. Frequently, video files require the addition of timecodes or closed captioning. A further example of video work is subtitling, where the spoken words are displayed on screen.
Transcriptionists provide typing services to all manner of professions and there is a high demand for important multi speaker medical, legal and corporate transcriptions. Additionally, those who possess foreign language skills are able to provide high standard translations to companies all over the world.

What are the advantages of being a transcriptionist?

As a transcriptionist, you are able to work from the comfort of your own home. This can be beneficial as it provides you with your own space, away from demanding colleagues! A minimal amount of equipment is required to start up as a transcriptionist; a laptop or PC with access to the internet, a foot-pedal, and a comfortable computer chair are all you need. Working from home means there are no day-to-day travel costs involved, and you can generally pick and choose times of the day you might prefer to work. Despite working independently, there is always somebody to speak to if you have any queries or issues that need resolving; at the same time, the work isn’t customer facing, which may be a preference for some typists. The beauty of working for a company such as Transcription City is that no two days are the same. Plus, there is a huge range of work for transcriptionists on many engaging subjects; therefore the likelihood of getting bored is significantly reduced.

What are the disadvantages of being a transcriptionist?

Working by yourself may, on occasion, mean the lack of company can be a downside. You have to be extremely self-disciplined in this line of work and be able to avoid all distractions. The temptation to go on a mobile or watch television must be kept for break times. With this in mind, it is also useful to put aside a certain area of your home that you can dedicate purely to work. The role of transcriptionist inevitably means prolonged periods of screen time and a high level of concentration, so space away from others is essential.
Whilst the length of audio files and related work can be reasonable, there are also files which are lengthy. The time needed to complete transcriptions is always dependant on factors such as the number of speakers, their accents, and the quality of the audio recording. Medical files and legal recordings often require a further research as clarity is vital in producing as accurate a transcription as possible.

Transcription Work – Is it for you?

If you are a skilled typist, with lots of patience and an eye for detail, the role of transcriptionist is certainly worth considering. The role is flexible and gives you the freedom to work from home, and the positive feedback you will receive for your efforts makes it all worthwhile.
If you are interested in our transcription services, captioning services, subtitling services or translation services, feel free to contact us at any time.

For more information on working as a transcription visit this useful website.

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