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Transcription Jobs and Translation Jobs

At Transcription City, we are always on the lookout for experienced, reliable and talented transcriptionists and translators in a number of languages with a diverse range of specialties in order to offer clients the best, and most suitable translation services and transcription services possible to suit their needs. If you are considering applying to work for us as a linguist, transcriptionist, audio typist or translator, here are some important things to consider.

transcription jobs and translation jobs
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Translator and Transcriptionist Experience Requirements

Translators and transcriptionists working for Transcription City require a minimum of five years professional translation or audio typing experience following on from their formal qualifications and training. We also require translators to translate into their mother tongue language, so a lifetime’s worth of experience goes into client’s final written documents, ensuring the best quality translations possible.

Translator Qualification Requirements

We require our translators to be degree educated, with a certification in the language they have chosen to translate from. Should you wish to take on specialist subject translations, we would expect you to have either sufficient professional experience or qualifications corresponding to that sector.

Translator and Transcription Skill Specialties

Upon starting work with Transcription City, it will be necessary for you to provide details of your skill specialities. We deal with a wide variety of translation work. Some projects will require typists to transcribe into their own language, working with audio or video, so typing skills and transcription software may be essential for this. Other projects will require formatting skills, such as if translating PowerPoint slides, or Word documents for a client. Translation is not always document based, so having the ability to work with audio or video in a wide range of formats is highly desirable.

Translator Subject Specialties

Working as a linguist can be tough with even the simplest of topics, but at Transcription City, a lot of the work that comes is specialist in nature: medical translation and medical transcription, technical translations and legal translations/transcriptions are common. When working as a translator or transcriptionist for Transcription City, you’ll need to let us know your specialist areas so we can allocate you work accordingly.

Translator Languages

At Transcription City, we are interested in hearing from translators of all languages, and if your experience and qualifications fit our requirements , we can add your details onto our database. However, currently we have a large requirement for translators working in Chinese translation, Italian translation, French translation, Spanish translation and German translation.

Translation Jobs and Transcription Jobs

Once you have sent us your CV for consideration, ( please include the work you are trained to undertake, e.g. foreign transcription, document translation, medical translation, medical transcription, video transcription, legal transcription etc).
We are currently looking for both transcriptionists and translators in a variety of languages, so please feel free to send us your CV and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
If you would like to know more about our transcription services or translation services, and subtitling services why not get in touch? We are available 7 days a week and always happy to help.

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